Shut Hell

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Shut Hell
Cover of Shut Hell's first volume
Genre Action, Drama, Horror, Historical, Gender Bender
Written by Yu Itō
Published by Shogakukan
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Big Comic Spirits
Original run 2008 – ongoing
Volumes 10
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Shut Hell (シュトヘル Shutoheru?), also known as Akuryou - Shut Hell (悪霊シュトヘル?), is a Japanese Seinen manga written and illustrated by Yu Itō and serialized in Shogakukan's Big Comic Spirits.


Sudou, a young man who is plagued with recurring vivid dreams of bloody ancient battles, is approached by Susuki, a shy and quiet girl. When Susuki visits Sudou's apartment, she plays an instrument he made, which transports Sudou to the year 1209. He awakes to find he is now a woman nicknamed Shut Hell and Susuki a Mongol prince named Yurul.

The story takes place in the early 13th century; Genghis Khan has united the Mongolian clans and is strengthening his forces to end the Western Xia dynasty. The plot follows a Xia soldier, sole survivor of a unit massacred by forces led by Mongol prince Harabal. Now driven by vengeance, she is feared by the Mongols as "the Evil One" for her merciless killing. She accompanies Yurul as he flees his Mongol family to preserve a vital collections of writings, knowing that Harabal will follow them, giving her a chance to kill him.