Mingjiu Jiang

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Mingjiu Jiang
Full nameMingjiu Jiang
PinyinJiāng Míngjiǔ
Born (1957-07-15) July 15, 1957 (age 62)
Shandong, China
ResidenceChina China
Turned pro1985 (full time)
Rank7 dan
AffiliationChinese Weiqi Association (1985-19??)
American Go Association (19??-present)

Mingjiu Jiang (江鳴久, born July 15, 1957 in Shandong, China) is a Chinese professional Go player.[1]


Mingjiu became 6 dan in 1982, and 7 dan in 1987. He has played for the Zhongguo Qiyuan, but currently resides in and represents the United States of America. He has represented North America in several international competitions; in 2010 he played in the Chunlan Cup losing to Gu Lingyi in the first round. As of 2011 he is mainly teaching Go, so far he has published two books on the game. He also collaborates with Guo Juan on the Internet Go School.

California State Senator Leland Yee came to the San Francisco Go Club on 18 July 2010, to present Mingjiu Jiang with a Certificate of Recognition from the California State Senate in honor of the Ing Chang-ki Goe Foundation and their continued sponsorship of the World Youth Goe Championship. This year’s contestants are both students of Jiang and he will accompany them to Penghu for the tournament along with Paul Barchilon. There Jiang will present the Certificate to Ing Ming Hao and Yang Yu Chia of the Ing Foundation at the opening ceremonies of the tournament.[2]

Past runners-up[edit]

Title Years Lost
Defunct 1
United States North American Masters Tournament 2001
Current 1
United States North American Ing Masters Tournament 2009

Past Titles[edit]

Title Years Lost
Current 1
United States North American Ing Masters Tournament 2007


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