Minister for Public Utilities (Denmark)

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Minister for Public Utilities
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Dan Jørgensen, 25-05-2014.jpg
Dan Jørgensen

since 27 June 2019
Member ofthe cabinet
AppointerPrime Minister
Term length4 years
Formation24 April 1947 (1947-04-24)
First holderAxel Kristensen [da]

The Minister for Public Utilities (Danish: Forsyningsminister) was originally a short lived, independent ministerial title, following a split from the Minister for Commerce, Industry, and Seafaring. It has since been revived by the Second Lars Løkke Rasmussen Cabinet.

List of ministers[edit]

No. Portrait Name
Term Political Party Government Ref.
Took office Left office Duration
Minister for Public Utilities
Axel Kristensen [da]
Axel Kristensen [da]
24 April 194713 November 1947203 daysVenstreKristensen [1]
Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate
(Energi-, forsynings- og klimaminister)
Lars Christian Lilleholt
Lars Christian Lilleholt
(born 1965)
28 June 201527 June 20193 years, 364 daysVenstreL.L. Rasmussen IIIII [2][3]
Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities
(Klima-, energi- og forsyningsminister)
Dan Jørgensen
Dan Jørgensen
(born 1975)
27 June 2019Incumbent118 daysSocial DemocratsFrederiksen [4]


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