Ministry of National Defence (Greece)

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Department overview
Formed 1950 (As modern department)
  • Ministry of Military Affairs
    Ministry of Naval Affairs
    Ministry of Aviation
Jurisdiction  Greece
Headquarters Psychiko, Attica, Greece
38°00′00″N 23°46′57″E / 38.0000687°N 23.7826153°E / 38.0000687; 23.7826153Coordinates: 38°00′00″N 23°46′57″E / 38.0000687°N 23.7826153°E / 38.0000687; 23.7826153
Annual budget £2 billion;
Minister responsible
Department executives
Child agencies

The Ministry of National Defence (Greek: Υπουργείο Εθνικής Άμυνας, abbreviated ΥΠΕΘΑ), is the civilian cabinet organization responsible for managing the Military of Greece. The current Greek Minister for Defence is ANEL leader Panos Kammenos in the Second Cabinet of Alexis Tsipras. Kammenos assumed the role on 23 September 2015.


It was founded in 1950 from the unification of three Ministries: Military Affairs, Naval Affairs and Aviation.


  • Minister of Defence Υπουργός Εθνικής Άμυνας (Υ.ΕΘ.Α)
    • Assistant Minister of Defense Υφυπουργός ή Υφυπουργοί Εθνικής Άμυνας (ΥΦ.ΕΘ.Α).
    • Defence Council Συμβούλιο Άμυνας (ΣΑΜ)

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