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Directed by Kamal
Produced by Raghuram
Written by Kamal
Starring Meera Jasmine
Anoop Chandran
Music by Bijibal
Cinematography Manoj Pillai
Distributed by Mulakuppadam Release
Release date
  • 11 July 2008 (2008-07-11)
Country India
Language Malayalam

Minnaminnikootam (2008) is a Malayalam film directed by Kamal. It stars Narain, Meera Jasmine, Indrajith, Jayasurya, Roma, Samvrutha, Anoop Chandran and Radhika in the lead roles. The score and soundtrack is composed by Bijibal. The story revolves around a group of youngsters working in an IT park.


Sidharth (Indrajith) and his wife Mumthas (Samvrutha Sunil) are two highly paid IT professionals who are trying to overcome the crisis of their love marriage. They have many friends: Manikkunju (Jayasurya), Abhilash (Narain), Charulatha (Meera Jasmine), Rose Mary (Roma) and Kalyani (Radhika). They visit Sidharthan’s flat for unwinding after work and consider their home an escape from stressful work. Some unusual things happen which change their lives.[1]

Abhilash and Charu argue and fight. At the end of these simple fights, they come to the home of Sidhu and Momu to chill out. Charu was living a life that was surrounded only by her father from when she was 5 years old. A wedding meet between the families of Abhi and Charu causes Charu's father to start drinking after 15 years. This causes a major break up between Charu and Abhi. On a trip to Chennai, for Mani's and Rose's marriage and for Abhi's marriage with his father's friend's daughter, Charu runs away to Bangalore and later moves abroad.

The story returns from flashback when Charu leaves for Bangalore. The flashback started when Charu read an email from Kalyani informing about her marriage. Charu attends the marriage and there she meets the old members of her "Minnaminnikootam". However, none of them shows any friendship with her. She returns to the airport and Abhi comes and sits beside her. He asks for them to go for a drive and takes her to Sidhu's house where she is emotionally greeted by her friends and receives the message of surprise. Abhi was never going to marry anyone else. He was planning on marrying Charu even if he didn't have her permission.



The soundtrack features songs composed by Bijibal, with lyrics by Anil Panachooran.[2]


The movie did reasonably well particularly among young audience. However, in an interview with Manorama in 2015, director Kamal classified this a movie he wished he didn't work on.


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