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Not to be confused with Mingxing Film Company.

The Minxin Film Company (Chinese: 民新电影公司) or the China Sun Film Company was one of the earliest movie studios in the history of Chinese cinema.


Established in 1922 in Hong Kong by director and actor Lai Man-wai, the so-called "Father of Hong Kong Cinema," with his brother Lai Pak-Hoi. Minxin moved to Shanghai in 1926 after economic turmoil in Hong Kong made production there near impossible. By the end of the 1920s, however, the company was in dire financial straits, as it struggled to compete with the much larger Mingxing Film Company as well as other studios, such as the Shaw brothers' Tianyi Film Company. It was ultimately saved by Lai's old friend Luo Mingyou, who suggested a pooling of resources to create a new company - the famous Lianhua Studios. Thus, in 1930, Minxin Film Company was absorbed into the newly formed Lianhua.

By 1936, however, Lai split off from the now declining Lianhua in control of Lianhua's Studio No. 1. This studio then formed the basis of a newly independent "Minxin Film Company."

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