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Miss Ecuador 2012
Date March 16, 2012[1]
Presenters Roberto Rodríguez, Jennifer Pazmiño[2]
Venue Puerto Lucía Yacht Club , La Libertad, Santa Elena, Ecuador[3]
Broadcaster Gama TV
Entrants 18 of 22[3]
Placements 6[3]
Debuts Santa Elena
Withdrawals Carchi and Galápagos
Returns Azuay and Cañar
Winner Carolina Aguirre
Flag of Guayaquil.svg Guayas

Miss Ecuador 2012, the 58th Miss Ecuador pageant held at Puerto Lucía Yacht Club, La Libertad, Santa Elena, Ecuador on March 16,[1] 2012. Claudia Schiess from Galapagos crowned to her successor as Miss Ecuador 2012, Carolina Aguirre from Guayas. The winner of Miss Ecuador represented her country at Miss Universe 2012.



Final results Contestant
Miss Ecuador 2012
Miss World Ecuador 2012
Miss International Ecuador 2012

Special Awards[edit]

Award Contestant
Miss Congeniality
Miss Photogenic
Miss Yanbal
Miss GKHair
Miss Cielo
Miss Like
Miss Atayhua
Best National Costume



Province Contestant Age Height
(ft in)
Bandera Provincia Azuay.svg Azuay María José Molina Marín 19 173 5 ft 8 in Cuenca
Bandera Provincia Cañar.svg Cañar Johanna Alejandra Sacoto Orellana 19 173 5 ft 8 in La Troncal
Bandera Provincia El Oro.svg El Oro María Gianella Gallardo Herrera 22 171 5 ft 7 in Machala
Bandera Provincia Esmeraldas.svg Esmeraldas Alexandra Sulay Castillo Velasco 21 175 5 ft 9 in San Lorenzo
Bandera Provincia Esmeraldas.svg Esmeraldas Cipriana Denisse Correia Macías 21 175 5 ft 9 in Esmeraldas
Flag of Guayaquil.svg Guayas Andrea Carolina Aguirre Pérez 20 178 5 ft 10 in Guayaquil
Flag of Guayaquil.svg Guayas Kimberly Fernanda Bravo Morán 21 177 5 ft 10 in Guayaquil
Flag of Guayaquil.svg Guayas Valeria Nicole Cevallos Correa 21 173 5 ft 8 in Guayaquil
Flag of Guayaquil.svg Guayas Ericka Jessenia Guerrero Mejía 21 171 5 ft 7 in Guayaquil
Flag of Guayaquil.svg Guayas Christel Elizabeth Oyague Merizalde 22 171 5 ft 7 in Guayaquil
Flag of Guayaquil.svg Guayas María del Carmen Moncayo Games 21 181 5 ft 11 in Guayaquil
Flag of Guayaquil.svg Guayas Tatiana Genice Mondoñedo Farías 20 180 5 ft 11 in Guayaquil
Flag of Guayaquil.svg Guayas Cecilia Carolina Chiavassa Chalá 18 182 6 ft 0 in Guayaquil
Bandera Provincia Loja.svg Loja Karen Ivonne Vélez Sánchez 18 181 5 ft 11 in Loja
Bandera Provincia Manabí.svg Manabí Tatiana Paola Chele Villafuerte 20 177 5 ft 10 in Manta
Bandera Provincia Manabí.svg Manabí Lidia Patricia León Guillén 20 174 5 ft 9 in Portoviejo
Bandera Provincia Manabí.svg Manabí Melina Alejandra Moreano Zambrano 23 170 5 ft 7 in Portoviejo
Bandera Provincia Pichincha.svg Pichincha Ana Gabriela Barahona Andrade 23 172 5 ft 8 in Quito
Bandera Provincia Pichincha.svg Pichincha Estefanía Andrea Realpe Pérez 22 174 5 ft 9 in Quito
Bandera Provincia Pichincha.svg Pichincha Steffany Alexandra Tamayo Castro 20 173 5 ft 8 in Quito
Santa Elena flag.png Santa Elena Michelle Jazmín Sosa Govea 23 172 5 ft 8 in Salinas
Bandera Provincia Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas.svg Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas Tatiana Katherine Loor Hidalgo 20 173 5 ft 8 in Santo Domingo




Last Competed in:



  • January 9, 2012 was the first elimination where Michelle Sosa from Santa Elena was eliminated due to lack of documents necessary to compete in the Miss Ecuador pageant. The judges were: Ing. Andriana Loor, Mrs. Maria del Carmen de Aguayo, and Mrs. Marla Manseco.
  • January 16, 2012 was the second elimination where Karen Vélez from Loja was eliminated due lack of compromise with coaches of the pageant. The judges were: Dr. Miguel Lebed, M. Antonio Sapúlveda, and M. Eliberto Rodríguez.
  • January 23, 2012 was the third elimination where Johanna Sacoto from Cañar was eliminated for missing some courses in the reality Road to Miss Ecuador 2012. The judges are: Dr. Nelson Estrella, Dra. Mariana Mosquera, Dr. Ricardo Vargas, and Dra. Edith Arenas.
  • January 30, 2012 was the fourth elimination where Cecilia Chiavassa from Guayas was eliminated by her own decision due she had an exam at her university the same day of the elimination.



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