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Miss Teenager World
Formation1990; 29 years ago (1990)
FounderCésar Montecé
TypeBeauty pageant
Pageants Association
Rodrigo Moreira (2014-present)

Miss Teenager Universal is the oldest international teen beauty pageant[1], which began as Miss Teenager World,[2][3] in Guayaquil,[4] Ecuador.[5][6]

In 2016, the beauty contest changed its name to Miss Teenager Universal[7][8] and was held for the first time in the history in Panamá City, Panamá.

The current Miss Teenager Universal is Ivania Arguedas of Costa Rica who was crowned on November 25, 2017, in the Hotel El Panama of Panama.

The pageant is only open to girls and women teen who have never been married or given birth.


The following women have been crowned Miss Teenager Universe

Year Country/Territory Venue Miss Teenager Universe
2018  Canada Panama City, Panama Dara Younes
2017  Costa Rica Panama City, Panama Ivania Arguedas
2016  Puerto Rico Panama City, Panama Gabriela Santiago Cordero


The following women have been crowned Miss Teenager World

Year Country/Territory Venue Miss Teenager World
2018  Canada Panama City, Panama Jillian Bullet-Atkins
2017  Panama Panama City, Panama Dannelys Barrios
2016  Brasil Panama City, Panama Luana Passos[9][10]
2015  Ecuador Guayaquil, Ecuador Angie Larrea Barzola
2014  Puerto Rico Guayaquil, Ecuador Sheisa Blasini Torres
2012  Venezuela Guayaquil, Ecuador María Angélica Jacotte
2009  Brazil Guayaquil, Ecuador Isis Stocco Machado [11]
2008  Venezuela Guayaquil, Ecuador Ana María Fois
2007  Peru Guayaquil, Ecuador María Julia Gonzáles
2006  Dominican Republic Guayaquil, Ecuador Paloma Almonte
2005  Ecuador Guayaquil, Ecuador Ximena Valarezo Alvarado[12]
2004  Canada Guayaquil, Ecuador Daniela Rojas[13]
2003  Ecuador Guayaquil, Ecuador Yalitza Alcívar
2002  Peru Guayaquil, Ecuador Tracy Freundt Bonilla
2001  Costa Rica Guayaquil, Ecuador Marianella Zeledón Bolaños[14]


The following women have been crowned Miss Teenager Supranational

Year Country/Territory Venue Miss Teenager Supranational
2017  Brasil Panama City, Panama Emmily Dias [15] [16]


The following women have been crowned Miss Teenager International

Year Country/Territory Venue Miss Teenager International
2018  Brasil Guayaquil, Ecuador Julia Hemza
2017  Puerto Rico Guayaquil, Ecuador Tanailyn Medina [17]
2016  Ecuador Panama City, Panama Camila Montenegro
2015  Puerto Rico Guayaquil, Ecuador Paola Serrano
2014  Bolivia Guayaquil, Guayaquil Fabiola Ortíz [18]

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