Miss Teenager World

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Miss Teenager World
Formation1974; 49 years ago (1974)
FounderCésar Montecé
TypeBeauty pageant
Headquarters Ecuador
Rodrigo Moreira (2014-present)

Miss Teenager World is the oldest international teen beauty pageant, founded in Guayaquil, Ecuador.[1][2][3][4]

The pageant is only open to teenage girls and women who have never been married or given birth.

The current titleholder is Ilse Torres Granados of Mexico.


The Miss Teenager World pageant was launched in the year 1974 and continued in the coming year as well.

In 2016, the beauty contest chose to Miss Teenager Universal[5][6][7] and was held for the first time in the history in Panamá.


The following women have been crowned Miss Teenager World

Year Country/Territory Miss Teenager World Venue
2022  Mexico Ilse Torres Granados Guayaquil, Ecuador
2021  Canada Jessica Lyn Macniel[8][9]
2020 Due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, no pageant in 20201
2019  Aruba Zury Ruiz[10] Guayaquil, Ecuador
2018  Costa Rica Valeria Stefania Franceschi Alvarado Panama City, Panama
2017  Panama Dannelys Barrios
2016  Brasil Luana Passos[11][12]
2015  Ecuador Angie Larrea Barzola[13] Guayaquil, Ecuador
2014  Puerto Rico Sheisa Blasini Torres[14]
No pageants were held between 2010—2013
César Montecé pageant ownership era
2009  Brazil Isis Stocco Machado[15][16] Guayaquil, Ecuador
2008  Venezuela Ana María Fois Colina[17][18]
2007  United States Xioreli De La Vega
2006  Dominican Republic Paloma Massiel Almonte Reynoso[19][20][21]
2005  Ecuador Ximena Valarezo Alvarado[22]
2004  Canada Daniela Rojas[23]
2003  Ecuador Yalitza Alcívar Montecé[24][25][26]
2002  Peru Tracy Freundt Bonilla [27] [28] [29]
2001  Costa Rica Marianela Zeledón Bolaños[30]
2000  Argentina Gabriela Sobrado[31] Salinas, Ecuador
1No pageant was held in 2020 due to the global restrictions on public events and international travel imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Countries/Territory by winning number[edit]

Nation Titles Year(s)
 Costa Rica 2 2001, 2018
 Ecuador 2003, 2015
 Canada 2004, 2021
 Brazil 2009, 2016
 Argentina 1 2000
 Peru 2002
 Dominican Republic 2006
 United States 2007
 Venezuela 2008
 Puerto Rico 2014
 Panama 2017
 Aruba 2019

Major beauty pageants[edit]

Miss Teenager World titleholders in the world's major beauty contests.

Year Miss Earth
2003 Marianela Zeledon Bolaños[32]
Miss Earth Costa Rica and Miss Water 2003
 Costa Rica
Miss Intercontinental
2013 Paloma Almonte Reynoso[33][34][35]
Miss Intercontinental Dominican Republic 2013
 Dominican Republic
Miss International
2015 Isis Stocco Machado[36][37][38]
Miss International Brazil
2021 Valeria Franceschi[39]
Miss International Panama


Titleholders who previously competed or will be competing at other international beauty pageants: