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Mitzi or Mitzy is a feminine given name which may refer to:


  • Mitzi Cajayon (born 1978), Filipino politician
  • Mitzi Cunliffe (1918–2006), American sculptor
  • Mitzi Gaynor (born 1931), American actress, singer and dancer born Francesca Marlene de Czanyi von Gerber
  • Mitzi Green (1920–1969), American child actress born Elizabeth Keno
  • Mitzi Hajos (1889–1970), Hungarian born American actress
  • Mitzi Kapture (born 1962), American actress
  • Mitzy Larue, a member of the National Assembly of Seychelles
  • Mitzi Mayfair (1914–1976), stage name of American dancer and actress Emylyn Pique
  • Mitzi Shore, co-founder and operator of the Los Angeles comedy club The Comedy Store and mother of comedian and actor Pauly Shore
  • Montgomery McFate (born 1966), nicknamed "Mitzy", cultural anthropologist and defense and national security analyst
  • Maria Reiter (1911–1992), known as "Mitzi", associated romantically with Adolf Hitler in the late 1920s

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