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Maghbazar or Mogbazar (Bengali: মগবাজার) is the name of a neighborhood in Dhaka, Bangladesh.[1] It is located near the neighborhoods of Tejgaon, Ramna and Malibagh. It is under Ramna thana and administered by the Dhaka South City Corporation. Its origins date back to the Mughal Empire.


Coordinates: 23°39′N 90°35′E / 23.650°N 90.583°E / 23.650; 90.583Maghbazar is named after the Maghs or Mogs, whose ancestors were originally from Arakan Burma. In 1620, the Magh kingdom was attacked by the Mughals at ancient Dhaka, the heart of Bengal. The Mughal subedar Islam Khan, under the Mughals gained victory over the Maghs at their base at Chittagong. Their leader Mukut Ray surrendered, and along with his followers, accepted Islam; after which the subedar permitted them to stay in the area of what is now known as Maghbazar. However, the historian Muntasir Mamun holds the view that it was named during the British rule when the then Magh leader King Bring and his followers lived here. It was covered with dense forests even until the middle of the 19th century.

List of educational institutions[edit]

Maghbazar also has the Department of Technical Education, Department of Women's Affairs, Endowments Office, the Red Crescent office, and RAB battalions' 3 offices.


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