Mohammed Awale Liban

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Mohammed Awale Liban
محمد عوالة ليبان
Born Galkayo, Somalia
Nationality Somali
Occupation scholar

Hagi Mohammed Awale Liban (Somali: Maxamed Cawaale Liibaan, Arabic: محمد عوالة ليبان ‎‎) was a Somali scholar. He is noted for having designed the flag of Somalia in 1954.[1][2] Liban also later served as the Chief of Cabinet of the Presidency in the nascent Somali Republic.[3]

Awale was a nationalist who served in all Somali governments up until 1964. He maintained good relationships with the administration of Abdirashid Ali Shermarke and the Military Government of Siad Barre.[4]

Awale was ousted from Mogadishu as part of Clan Cleansin in Mogadishu by USC in 1991 for not being a clan member of USC rebel group under the command of Mohamed Farah Aididd. He was one of many scholars, elites and national figures who were targeted by USC.[5]

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