Mondial du Théâtre

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Mondial du Théâtre
Founded byInternational Association of Amateur Theatre
Type of play(s)Each participating country performs in its own language
Festival dateLast held 21–30 August 2017

The Mondial du Théâtre, also titled the International Festival of Amateur Theatre and the World Festival of Amateur Theatre is the premier festival in the world celebrating amateur and community theatre. It is organised by the Studio de Monaco and the International Association of Amateur Theatre and held every four years in the Principality of Monaco since its inaugural festival in 1957.[1]


In 1957 Guy and Max Brousse and René Cellario, early leading figures of the International Association of Amateur Theatre, approached the Monegasque government to gain support for an International Festival. The first such festival, termed the International Festival of Amateur Theatre, took place in Monaco and attracted twelve troupes from across Europe at which the IATA held its 3rd Congress.

Both the festival and congress were a success and the Studio de Monaco, (the National Centre of the IATA), made an undertaking to organise every four years in the Principality of Monaco with the help of the Monegasque authorities, an International Festival and official Congress of IATA.[2] The festival helped to increase the profile of the IATA and in turn as its stature grew so did that of the festival.

By the 1970s the number of participating drama troops had reached twenty, with countries from outside of Europe also participating. In 1997 a record 24 troupes from all 5 continents participated and this number has been maintained since. From that year the festival adopted a new name, the "Mondial du Théâtre".

Participating nations[edit]

The 2009 festival saw the following 24 countries represented:[3]


L'Opéra de Monte-Carlo, Salle Garnier

The performances take place in some of the most beautiful theatres in the Principality of Monaco:

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