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Moto, Motos or MOTO may refer to:


  • Moto Hospitality, a chain of motorway service stations in the United Kingdom
  • Moto Gold Mines, an exploration and mining company acquired by Randgold Resources
  • Moto (restaurant), a restaurant in Chicago known for its "high-tech" food
  • Motorola Moto, a brand of smartphones and smartwatches manufactured by Motorola Mobility
  • Motorola Mobility, whose nickname was "Moto" during the feature-phone era before the rise of smartphones when the company was a division of Motorola


  • Moto Hagio (born 1949), Japanese manga artist
  • Hirokuni Moto (born 1970), Japanese boxer
  • Iwa Moto, screen name of Filipino Japanese actress and model Aileen Iwamoto (born 1988)
  • Kaoru Moto (1917–1992), U.S. Army soldier awarded the Medal of Honor
  • Severo Moto Nsá (born 1943), opposition politician in Equatorial Guinea known as Severo Moto
  • Yves Bitséki Moto (born 1983), Gabonese football goalkeeper
  • Pablo Motos (born 1965), Spanish television show host and comedian
  • Teresa Motos (born 1963), Spanish former field hockey player



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