Moto Club de São Luís

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Moto Club
Moto Club.png
Full name Moto Club de São Luís
Founded September 13, 1937 (79 years ago) (1937-09-13)
Ground Castelão
Ground Capacity 40,000
President José de Ribamar Campos
Head coach Leston Júnior
League Campeonato Brasileiro Série C
Campeonato Maranhense
Série D, 4th (promoted)
Maranhense, Winners
Website Club home page

Moto Club de São Luís, or Moto Club, as they are usually called, is a Brazilian football team from São Luís in Maranhão, founded on September 13, 1937.


The Moto Club with the name Ciclo Moto. The objective was to participate in the modalities of motorcycling and cycling, quite practiced at that time. However, it is in football that the Moto Club achieves great notoriety. In 1939 the Santa Isabel Stadium was inaugurated, in homage to the industrial factory César Aboud. With its own stadium, since the Moto Club was the only team in the state to have one, it managed its first titles and in an incredible way, because it was seven consecutive titles, the state ones of 1944 to 1950, remembered until today by its fans of the time, Becoming the only seven time champion in the state. But in 1972 the stadium is demolished and in its place is erected the building of the Ministry of Finance in São Luís.

Moto Club is one of the largest state champions in Maranhão, with 26 titles won.


The club's home matches are usually played at Castelão stadium, which has a maximum capacity of 40,000 people. The club also plays at Estádio Nhozinho Santos, which has a maximum capacity of 21,000 people.


Moto Club biggest rival is Sampaio Corrêa.


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