Mount Sannine

Coordinates: 33°57′N 35°53′E / 33.95°N 35.88°E / 33.95; 35.88
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Mount Sannine
جبل صنين
Mount Sannine as seen from Beirut
Highest point
Elevation2,628 m (8,622 ft)
Parent rangeMount Lebanon range

Mount Sannine (Arabic: جبل صنين / ALA-LC: Jabal Șannīn) is a mountain in the Mount Lebanon range. Its highest point is 2,628 m (8,622 feet) above sea level in Lebanon. Mount Sannine, which has a base of limestone, is the source of many mountain springs.[1]

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33°57′N 35°53′E / 33.95°N 35.88°E / 33.95; 35.88