Ain Saadeh

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Ain Saadeh
عين سعادة
Map showing the location of Ain Saadeh within Lebanon
Map showing the location of Ain Saadeh within Lebanon
Ain Saadeh
Location within Lebanon
Coordinates: 33°51′58″N 35°35′42″E / 33.8660°N 35.5951°E / 33.8660; 35.5951Coordinates: 33°51′58″N 35°35′42″E / 33.8660°N 35.5951°E / 33.8660; 35.5951
Country  Lebanon
Governorate Mount Lebanon Governorate
District Matn District
 • Total 548 km2 (212 sq mi)
Highest elevation 650 m (2,130 ft)
Lowest elevation 400 m (1,300 ft)
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Dialing code +961-4-

Ain Saadeh (Arabic: عين سعادة‎‎, also spelled Ain Saadée and Ain Saade) is suburb located in the pine-forested hills, northeast of the capital Beirut in Lebanon.


Ain Saade is a traditional Christian village located in the picturesque of the mountains of Lebanon overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, with some 10,000 residents and 2,000 voters.

Like most villages, Ain Saade has had its share of developments of modern houses in the last century, but is central character remains intact. The village has several nurseries, schools, colleges, technical institutes and universities.

The village has several shops, post offices, pubs, restaurants, 5-star hotels, garages, etc. Few modern villages can boast so many amenities. It has an impressive range of active groups including the Legion Marie, Boy Scouts, sports clubs, etc, as well as several churches as well as an orphanage. Furthermore, the village has several industrial, commercial, residential and agriculture zones.

The village of Ain Saade is located about 10 kilometers away from Beirut at an altitude ranging from 200 to 700 meters above sea level. There are several possible routes to Ain Saade:


The name "Ain Saadeh" refers to the town's natural spring and literary means "Spring of Happiness."




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