Mu Beta Psi

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Mu Beta Psi
Founded November 5, 1925
North Carolina State University
Type Service
Scope National
Colors      Red and      White
Flower Red and White American Beauty Rose
Chapters 18 lettered, 1 alumni
Headquarters Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Mu Beta Psi National Honorary Musical Fraternity (ΜΒΨ) is a service and music fraternity with chapters and colonies at universities throughout the eastern United States. Founded in 1925 at North Carolina State University by the director of bands, Major Percy Walter "Daddy" Price, this group began as a male-only, honorary fraternity for colleges lacking a music major. It spread early to several colleges throughout the southern United States. In 1961 it expanded eligibility requirements to admit women. By the early 2000s, the fraternity had expanded to several colleges throughout the eastern half of the United States.

Although an honorary fraternity, Mu Beta Psi views itself as primarily a music service group. Several of the chapters run scholarship programs and pride themselves on providing service to their music departments.

Any member of the fraternity is referred to as a "Brother" without regard to the member's sex. This practice comes from the fraternity's beginnings and is used in context as a designation of membership status, not gender.


The chapters were named in order of their acceptance to Mu Beta Psi. Chapters are:

Chapter Location Chartered Status (Inactive Date)
Alpha (Α) North Carolina State University 1925 Active
Beta (Β) Davidson College 1929 Inactive (1931)
Gamma (Γ) never chartered† N/A N/A
Delta (Δ) Clemson University 1937 Inactive (2005)
Epsilon (Ε) Washington and Lee University 1965 Inactive (ca. 1985)
Zeta (Ζ) Michigan Technological University 1967 Active
Eta (Η) Virginia Military Institute 1970 Inactive (1971)
Theta (Θ) St. Augustine's College 1973 Inactive (ca. 1986)
Iota (Ι) Duke University 1981 Inactive (ca. 1984)
Kappa (Κ) Wofford College 1989 Inactive (1996)
Lambda (Λ) Anderson University 1991 Inactive (1992)
Mu (Μ) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1993 Inactive (2012)
Nu (Ν) State University of New York at Oswego 1994 Active
Xi (Ξ) Saint Vincent College 1996 Inactive (2006)
Omicron (Ο) Roanoke College 2001 Active
Pi (Π) Rutgers University 2007 Active
Rho (Ρ) Northern Michigan University 2008 Active
Sigma (Σ) St. Louis University 2009 Inactive (2012)
Tau (Τ) American University 2011 Active
Alumni Association‡ N/A 1970 Active

† Gamma Chapter was never formally designated; Percy Price died before a school could be finalized and a Charter issued, and the effort was lost. Records speculate that Gamma was going to be at The College of William and Mary but that has never been confirmed.

‡ The Mu Beta Psi Alumni Association is a separate organization, but considered an active chapter. The Alumni Association is open to alumni of all Mu Beta Psi chapters, active or otherwise.

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