Muhammad Ali vs. Floyd Patterson

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Muhammad Ali vs. Floyd Patterson refers to two North American Boxing Federation heavyweight professional boxing matches between the champion Muhammad Ali and former champion Floyd Patterson. The first match took place on November 22, 1965; and the second on September 20, 1972. Ali won both fights through technical knockouts. The first fight was stopped in the 12th round; and the second after the 7th round.

Patterson had previously lost his heavyweight title to Sonny Liston in a 1st round knockout. In a later rematch, Patterson lost again in the 1st round. Liston later lost the title to Ali. Meanwhile, Patterson won bouts against Eddie Machen and George Chuvalo. Patterson was now the number-one challenger for the title held by Ali.

On November 22, 1965, Patterson fought Ali for the first time. Patterson lost by technical knockout at the end of the 12th round, going into the fight with an injured sacro-iliac joint in a bout in which Ali was clearly dominant. Ali called Patterson an "Uncle Tom" for refusing to call him Muhammad Ali (Patterson continued to call him Cassius Clay) and for this outspokenness against black Muslims. Instead of scoring a quick knockout, Ali mocked, humiliated and punished Patterson throughout the fight before knocking him out in the 12th round. A New York Times reporter complained that the fight was like watching someone "pulling the wings off a butterfly."[1]

On September 20, 1972, Patterson fought Ali for the second time. At age 37, Patterson was stopped in the 7th round. The defeat proved to be Patterson's last fight, although there was never an announcement of retirement.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]


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