Muncho Lake

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Muncho Lake
Muncho Lake, BC, Canada June2010.jpg
LocationBritish Columbia
Coordinates59°00′N 125°46′W / 59.000°N 125.767°W / 59.000; -125.767Coordinates: 59°00′N 125°46′W / 59.000°N 125.767°W / 59.000; -125.767
Primary inflowsTrout River, Muncho Creek
Primary outflowsTrout River
Max. length12 kilometres (7.5 mi)
Max. width6 kilometres (3.7 mi)
Max. depth223 m (732 ft)
Surface elevation820 m (2,690 ft)
SettlementsMuncho Lake, British Columbia

Muncho Lake is a lake in northern British Columbia, Canada.


The lake is part of the Muncho Lake Provincial Park and located at kilometre 681 (mile 423)[1] of the Alaska Highway. The lake is about 12 km (7.5 mi) long and its width varies between 1 and 6 km. It reaches a maximum depth of 223 m (732 ft). The surrounding peaks (the Terminal Range of the Muskwa Ranges to the west and the Sentinel Range to the east) reach altitudes of more than 2,000 m (6,600 ft), while the lake lies at an elevation of 820 m (2,690 ft). It is formed along the Trout River, a tributary of the Liard River.

The jade green color of the lake is attributed to the presence of copper oxide leached from the bedrock underneath.[2] Its name is derived from the Kaska language in which "muncho" translates as "big water".[3]

The small community of Muncho Lake is established on the lake's southern shore, at the confluence of Trout River and Muncho Creek. The Muncho Lake/Mile 462 Water Aerodrome is set up along the eastern shore of the lake, at Mile 462 of the Alaska Highway.

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