Mundo Mo'y Akin

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Mundo Mo'y Akin
Also known as Deception
Genre Romance
Created by GMA Entertainment TV Group
Developed by RJ Nuevas
Denoy Navarro-Punio
Written by Des Garbes-Severino
Marlon Miguel
John Kenneth de Leon
Directed by Andoy Ranay
Creative director(s) Jun Lana
Starring Sunshine Dizon
Angelika Dela Cruz
Jolina Magdangal
Gabby Eigenmann
Alden Richards
Louise delos Reyes
Lauren Young
Jaclyn Jose
Opening theme "Pangarap na Bituin"
sung by Rachelle Ann Go
Ending theme "Haplos"
sung by Alden Richards
Composer(s) Willy Cruz (Pangarap na Bituin)
Sam Santos (Haplos)
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, Tagalog, English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 122 episodes
(List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Michele Borja
Location(s) Silang, Cavite
Tagaytay City
Quezon City
Cinematography Pao Orendain
Camera setup Multiple-camera setup
Running time 30-45 minutes
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i NTSC
Original release March 18 (2013-03-18) – September 6, 2013 (2013-09-06)
Related shows Mirabella (same title The Beautiful Ending)
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Mundo Mo'y Akin (lit.Your World is Mine) or Deception (international title) is a Filipino drama series created by RJ Nuevas, developed by Denoy Navarro-Punio and produced by GMA Network. It premiered on March 18, 2013 on the network's coveted GMA Telebabad block, replacing Pahiram ng Sandali and on March 19, 2013 worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV. The series concluded its twenty-five-week run on September 6, 2013 with a total of 122 episodes, and replaced by Akin Pa Rin ang Bukas on its timeslot. The show headlines Sunshine Dizon, Alden Richards, Louise delos Reyes, Lauren Young and Angelika dela Cruz with Jolina Magdangal, Gabby Eigenmann and Jaclyn Jose. Michele Borja served as the executive producer while Andoy Ranay directed the show.[1][2]

The series follows a compelling story line that explores the insatiable quest for beauty, and wealth. The main characters find themselves ensnared in a game of deceit and betrayal and will stop at anything to gain power and prestige.[3]

Originally slated to air for sixteen weeks, the series was awarded several extensions due to its consistent good performance in the ratings game. The series was also considered a critical success, positively received by viewers, writers and critics, from its premiere episode.[4]


Cast and characters[edit]

Major characters[edit]

  • Sunshine Dizon portrays Perlita Mendoza †, Marilyn's loving and protective mother. Perlita is a simple woman who, although deprived of a beauty appearance, has a kind heart and an adorable character. For her, "it is what on the inside that counts!" She works as a household helper at the Carbonel mansion, wherein she crosses paths with Giselle—the wife of her boss, Ziggy Carbonel—oblivious that the former is her own best friend Rodora Santos in disguise. She was expelled from the Carbonels along with Marilyn after disliking Charito's treatment. As a mother, Perlita is willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of her beloved daughter. But what she does not know is that her daughter is actually not hers.[5][6] She is the one that revealed that her daughter is Darlene, Giselle is Rodora, and Marilyn is the true Carbonel. She surrendered her rights as surrogate mother to Marilyn after signing a deal with Charito. Charito paid her medical bills provided that she will surrender Marilyn into the Carbonels. Marilyn returned to her after she discovered that her family sabotaged their relationship with Jerome but George treated her bad so she returned to her family. With complications of diabetes, she met her tragic death from a gas explosion at a hotel while trying to save Marilyn from Darlene's plot. Her death led to the reconciliation of the characters.
  • Angelika dela Cruz portrays Giselle Atienza-Carbonel / Rodora Santos, Ziggy Carbonel's wife and mother to Darlene. With a beautiful face, an impeccable figure, plus a handsome and wealthy husband, Giselle holds the world in her hands. But behind her beautiful appearance and perfect life is a secret past. In reality, she is Rodora Santos, a dark-skinned and ugly woman who underwent plastic surgery with the help of Dona Carmen's wealth. Worse, to make her deception more realistic, she switches her ugly baby with Perlita's beautiful child. Giselle, however, still dreads the moment when she will have to tell Ziggy the truth. Fears of abandonment push her, however, to keep the secret hidden.[7] Charito later knew her identity and she expelled her from the resort but she returned when Marilyn got a car accident. She was the mastermind of the plot to sabotage Marilyn and Jerome's relationship but she later regretted it. Her face is destroyed while trying to save Perlita from a tragic death but Charito earns money to reconstruct her face while Giselle is starting a new life abroad.
  • Jolina Magdangal portrays Zenaida "Aida" Carbonel, the niece of Charito Carbonel's late husband, Ziggy's cousin and the surrogate mother of Jerome Alvarez. Aida finished her degree in Business Management but ended up working for the Carbonels as a constant aid to Charito's every whim and demand. Aida believes that she also has the rights for the Carbonel's vast properties and is determined to reclaim what is rightfully hers. She holds the key to the secret behind the real identities of Darlene Carbonel and Marilyn Mendoza and uses it to blackmail Giselle Carbonel to get what she wants, as well as to exact revenge on Doña Charito and Ziggy.[8] But Perlita preceded her in revealing the identities of Marilyn, Darlene and Giselle. She later reconciled with Charito after Perlita died. She along with Charito was appointed by George and Darlene to manage the resort.
  • Gabby Eigenmann portrays Ziggy Carbonel / Mendoza, Doña Charito's only son, Giselle's husband and father to Darlene. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Ziggy is used to being given everything he wants. He works as the general manager of "Carbonel Barongs"–their family business, and later as a resort owner. Happy-go-lucky and vain, Ziggy believes that life is all about pleasure. He is also known for being a womanizer and loves being surrounded by beautiful and sexy women. A vicious man, he can stand up to anyone and he never hesitates to speak his mind on things. But behind his seemingly "perfect world" hid a deep, dark secret that his wife, Giselle has been hiding for him for a long time.[9][10] He was reluctant first to accept Marilyn as his daughter but he accepted her after her car accident. He was one of the conspirators of the separation of Marilyn and Jerome. He was later beat until he turned crippled by Anton's men who is their rival in business after failing to pay their debts to him. He still loved Giselle even her face was destroyed by the explosion because he saw her bravery and he was not just beautiful. He started a new life with Giselle and Marilyn abroad.
  • Lauren Young portrays Darlene Carbonel / Mendoza, Perlita Mendoza's biological daughter but was switched with Marilyn. Safe in the make-believe that Ziggy and Giselle Carbonel are indeed her real family, Darlene grew up in affluence and is used to getting whatever she wants, except for one thing — the love of her mother, Giselle Carbonel. She is the main antagonist of the series. She finds comfort in Marilyn Mendoza's company, the daughter of their household helper, Perlita. Despite the apparent differences in their social status, the two became best of friends. However, their relationship starts to falter when they fell in love with the same man – Jerome Alvarez.[6] She returned to her biological mother, Perlita Mendoza, after the Carbonels discovered that Marilyn is the true heiress. She tried to kill Marilyn while driving drunk but this helped Marilyn to undergo reconstructive surgery. Charito filed a legal case against her for reckless driving but Perlita approached Charito and she gave her a condition that she should surrender her rights as a surrogate mother to Marilyn. She was used by Charito to separate Jerome into Marilyn with a condition to provide medical aid to Perlita and education for her. She found out Marilyn working into a first-class hotel and she invited her into her birthday party but she only treated her as a maid. She found out that Ria gave Jerome back to Marilyn and this made her to try to kill Marilyn into a gas explosion in the kitchen but Perlita died instead. This made her regret all her sins against Marilyn and made her return Jerome back to Marilyn after knowing that he really loved Marilyn.
  • Alden Richards portrays Jerome Alvarez, the foster child of Aida Carbonel. Good-looking, street-smart, romantic with the soul of a dreamer, Jerome finished Culinary Arts and now working as a sous-chef in the resort owned by the Carbonels. Jerome has an unrequited crush on the bratty Darlene Carbonel, and has been long-time friends with both her and Marilyn Mendoza [a girl who despite possessing an ugly appearance lies a heart of gold]. He eventually embroiled in a complicated love triangle between the two girls.[11][12] He was separated by the Carbonels into Marilyn so he found a friend named Ria. Ria later gave him back to Marilyn but this made Darlene to try to kill Marilyn. Darlene later gave him back to Marilyn after Perlita died from her plot to kill Marilyn. He is applying a passport in the end to meet Marilyn abroad.
  • Louise delos Reyes portrays Marilyn Mendoza / Carbonel-Renacia, the rightful heiress of the Carbonels but was switched at birth with Darlene and grew up in poverty. Marilyn is a caring and obedient daughter who strives to better herself for the sake of her mother, Perlita Mendoza. She is intelligent, brave and kind-hearted, but despite all of these good qualities, Marilyn will experience being bullied and humiliated by others because of her unattractive appearances. During these hard times, Marilyn finds comfort in the company of Darlene Carbonel, the daughter of the family that her mother Perlita works for. But their friendship will be put to test as one guy comes between them – Jerome Alvarez.[11] She was accepted into the Carbonels due to the DNA test and Charito took her to the US to undergo into a reconstructive surgery for six months as a recovery to her car accident. She was reluctant at first to accept the surgery but she had no choice due to her accident. She was introduced by Charito as a Carbonel after the reconstruction but her relationship with Jerome is at stake. Charito conspires with Darlene to separate Jerome from Marilyn until she found out their secret and decided to return to Perlita after she surrendered her rights as a surrogate mother to Marilyn. She later returned to the Carbonels after George's treatment to her when he returned. But her family business is on the verge of bankruptcy and she was hired by Charito into a first-class hotel that was managed by Charito's friend. Darlene found her in the hotel and she invites her into her birthday party but she was only treated as a maid there. Ria decided to give Jerome back to Marilyn but Darlene could not accept it and she tried to kill Marilyn by trying to explode the gas in the kitchen but Perlita died instead. She forgave Darlene later and started a new life abroad.
  • Jaclyn Jose portrays Doña Charito Vda. de Carbonel, the matriarch of the affluent Carbonel clan. A former beauty queen and model, Charito now owns and runs "Carbonel Barongs", a well-known Barong Tagalog and Filipiniana shop. Arrogant and highly judgmental, Charito believes in the importance of beauty and hates ugly people [making Perlita and Marilyn the objects of her scorn]. A perfectionist and ambitious woman, she will do anything and everything just to accomplish her goals. Unaware of her granddaughter's true identity, Charito treats Darlene like a real princess—she spoils her to no end and sees to it that she has everything.[13][14] After knowing that Marilyn is her true granddaughter, she banished Darlene from her family. She banned Marilyn from meeting Perlita but she paid Perlita's medical bills provided that Marilyn will return to her family. She paid Marilyn's reconstructive surgery in the US as a recovery from her car accident so that she can introduce her into her friends. She is the one that made a deal with Darlene to separate Marilyn from Jerome provided that she pay Perlita's medical bills and provide Darlene with education. Her business suffered bankruptcy and she was forced to sell her mansion to Perlita, her former maid, but she rejected it. She was also forced to kiss Perlita's foot as Perlita's revenge, since she kissed Charito's foot to treat Marilyn's illness, after persuading Perlita again to buy the mansion that is worth P800 million. She got mad at Perlita and realized that Darlene inherited her vindictiveness from her. She later asked forgiveness to Perlita when she died. She was appointed along with Aida, who she forgave, to manage the resort.

Recurring characters[edit]

Several supporting characters were given expansive and recurring appearances in the progressive story line.

  • Kier Legaspi portrays Romeo "Romy" Alvarez, the irresponsible father of Jerome Alvarez and Aida Carbonel's hot-tempered live in partner. Romy is a lazy leech who wants to get rich but refuses work and loves to gamble. He left Aida and Jerome after discovering that she was making a deal with the Carbonels.
  • Frances Ignacio portrays Mama Josie, Perlita Mendoza's comic best friend and confidante, and Marilyn's godmother. Loud, bubbly and unconventional, Josie owns and runs a beauty parlor. She proves herself a true friend as she constantly stands by Perlita's side through all the latter's ordeals.
  • Sef Cadayona portrays Nonoy Pambide, the friend of Jerome who also works in the resort owned by the Carbonels. He knows about the special relationship between Jerome Alvarez and Darlene Carbonel and soon notices Marilyn Mendoza's feelings for his friend. He has a biting and sarcastic wit, serving as somewhat of a comic relief throughout the series. In the 26th episode, he asks Marilyn for a dinner date, only to reveal later that he only did that because of a deal he made with Jerome.
  • Rita De Guzman portrays Alison Alcantara, the mean-spirited buddy of Darlene Carbonel. She is quite against Jerome Alvarez for her friend. She is also quite against Perlita for her mother due to her ugliness. She is opinionated and often can't help but express her strongly held beliefs.
  • Marc Acueza portrays Harry Renacia, Marilyn's new-found friend, working as a television news reporter. Harry pretends to be Marilyn's boyfriend (to make Jerome jealous) for quite some time on the series, until he realized he already fall in love for her—for real. He left Marilyn after realizing that she loves Jerome.
  • Jojit Lorenzo portrays Chef Andy Santos, Jerome's business partner, friend, confidante, and somewhat a father figure. He is the former head chef of the Carbonels but he later decides to partner up with Jerome and Nonoy and put up their own restaurant. The character provides comic relief to the otherwise dramatic events that plague Jerome.

Production and development[edit]

The series was conceptualized by RJ Nuevas for GMA Entertainment TV and intended for an early 2013 premiere. Nuevas began developing the series mid-2012 under the title Ang Mundo Ko'y Ikaw (lit. You Are My World)[15] and later changed to Mundo Mo'y Akin (lit. Your World is Mine). The project was put on the fast track since the network's supposed line up of primetime series were cancelled/shelved. Denoy Navarro-Punio assigned as head writer while Michele Borja served as the executive producer for the entire run of the show. The network assigned Andoy Ranay to direct the show. Ranay described the series as an "over the top drama and flavored more of a Mexican telenovela."[16]

The production began February 28, 2013. Most of the series' scenes were shot in Hacienda Isabella in Indang, Cavite. Some other locations include Tagaytay City and Midas Hotel and Casino in Roxas Boulevard, Metro Manila.

Originally slated to air for sixteen weeks, the series was awarded three weeks extension because of its consistent high ratings and positive feedback[17]


The show features eight regular casts: Sunshine Dizon was chosen to play the protagonist, Perlita Mendoza. This series also served as Dizon's comeback project after her four-year hiatus from showbusiness. Dizon described the project as "A very good one that is hard to refuse. The story itself convinced me to accept the job. When they laid down the storyline, I was really moved." Mundo Mo'y Akin is one of the two television dramas she signed-up for the network for the year 2013.[18] Angelika dela Cruz was chosen to play Rodora Santos and Giselle Carbonel. In an interview, Dela Cruz said that at first, she had qualms accepting the role because "she finds it a bit weird and unrealistic for her age to play a mother to a teenage girl." After several discussions with the production people regarding the concept, story line and her character, Dela Cruz finally accepted the role. Prior to this, Dizon and Dela Cruz had previously worked together on several television series before, such as Umulan Man o Umaraw (2000) and Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin (2001).[19]

The series also reunites the tandem of Alden Richards and Louise delos Reyes. The two became household names with the popularity of their characters in One True Love as Tisoy and Elize.[20] Richards and Delos Reyes portray the roles of Jerome Alvarez and Marilyn Mendoza in the series, respectively. The two described their roles as "more mature and more serious than their previous teeny bopper roles."[12] Lauren Young signed on to portray the antagonist Darlene Carbonel. This series served as Young's first project after she transferred and inked an exclusive contract with GMA Network.[21]

The antagonist role, Aida Carbonel was originally offered to Agot Isidro but she turned it down because she found the role "quite similar" to her popular character Leila Samonte in the 2012 hit series, One True Love.[22] The role went to Jolina Magdangal, who says "it's my first time to play antagonist role [...] it's kinda weird but challenging."[23] Gabby Eigenmann signed on to portray the role Ziggy Carbonel. He was also the first actor cast and said "I do not mind it playing another antagonist. There is so much challenge from it. People never get bored of it, including myself."[24] Veteran actress Jaclyn Jose signed on to play the antagonist character Doña Charito Carbonel.[25]

International Broadcast[edit]

Country Network Title Date
Vietnam Vietnam Giải trí TV VTVCab1 Đối mặt December 23, 2014



According to AGB Nielsen Philippines Mega Manila households ratings, the series debuted strongly at 22.7% ratings and landed on the fourth spot on that date, March 18, 2013.[26] While its recap episode [March 28, 2013] garnered 21% ratings and became the most-watched primetime program that date.[27] The 68th episode of the series garnered its highest rating since the pilot, 31.4% rating (AGB Nielsen Philippines Mega Manila households ratings,dated June 24, 2013), against its new competitor Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala with 22.3%.[28] The series occupied the top spot on the Top 10 Most-Watched Primetime Programs (Mega Manila and Urban Luzon) from June 24–28, 2013.[29] On July 12, 2013 the series claimed the top spot in the list of most watched programs across Nation Urban Philippines, Urban Luzon and Mega Manila. Based on data from Nielsen TV Audience Measurement (overnight data), the show became the highest rating program in NUTAM with an average household rating of 27.9%. It likewise led the lists of most watched programs in Urban Luzon and Mega Manila, which represent 76 and 59 percent of the total urban TV household population in the entire country, with an average household rating of 33.2% and 36.4%, respectively.[30]


The series was considered a critical success, positively received by viewers and writers, from its premiere episode. Nestor Torre of Philippine Daily Inquirer said "The series generally made a positive impression on me, due to the confident and believable portrayals of its two leads, Angelika dela Cruz and Sunshine Dizon. And I appreciated the show's penchant for brisk storytelling. Unlike other series that start two generations in the past, this one begins with the two leads already as young adults."[31] Entertainment columnist, Joe Barrameda of Abante described the series as "talk of the town" because of the grand scenes and exciting flow of story.[32] Dinno Erece of the blog Show and Tell praised Jolina Magdangal's performances in the series, said that "I can see her effectiveness as an anti-hero."[33] Abante Tonite's resident entertainment writer, praised the acting performances of Jaclyn Jose, stating that "she is one of the reasons why I watching the show", and described her performance as "effortless".[34] Jojo Gabinete of Abante praised Gabby Eigenmann's powerful acting performances particularly in episode 67, and he is looking forward for another acting nomination and award for Eigenmann.[35] In his review, Isah Red of Manila Standard Today also praised Jaclyn Jose's acting, said that "Jose's bravura performance [in the scene] when she went into hysterics after hearing words from Perlita that Marilyn is Ziggy's daughter; and when she reacted to the DNA test results confirming that Darlene isn't her son's daughter. Wow! Nobody can beat Jose in that department." Red also praised Gabby Eigenmann's performance said that "Eigenmann's reaction [in the scene] when the DNA results confirmed Marilyn is her daughter, he simply held Darlene's hand and cried quietly. The actor showed restraint only the best actors in the industry can do. Though I am no big fan of soap operas, I think with Jose and Eigenmann around, it won't be much of a waste of time to sit and watch and maybe have some tears go by for 45 minutes," he added.[36] On July 4, 2013 edition of his column, Red praised Louise delos Reyes acting performance particularly in the scene where de los Reyes […] visited Perlita (Dizon) in the hospital where she is recovering after a brain surgery, "she started showing very realistic emotions when someone sees a member of a family in that kind of state. She cried real tears even as she was blurting out her feelings for a person she knew as her mother. And that was continuous, without cuts. That's what I call good acting! And De los Reyes didn't mind that theprosthesis applied to her face to make her look "ugly" would even make her features even more horrid than already was."[37]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Giving Body Category Nominee Result
2014 Golden Screen Awards for Television Outstanding Original Drama Program Mundo Mo'y Akin Nominated
Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Drama Series Alden Richards Nominated
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Program Angelika dela Cruz Nominated
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Program Sunshine Dizon Nominated
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Program Jaclyn Jose Nominated
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Program Gabby Eigenmann Nominated

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