Music Trance

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Music Trance
Bk trance.jpg
Studio album by Ben E. King
Released 1980
Recorded Atlantic Studios, New York
Genre Soul
Length 40:04
Label Atlantic
Producer Bert de Coteaux, Mass Production
Ben E. King chronology
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Music Trance was Ben E. King's 13th album and 12th studio album, and his fifth record with Atlantic Records. The album was released in 1980.

This is King's smallest album to date, with only seven tracks on it; however, the tracks on this album are some of the longest ever recorded by him. As a result, the album length of this album is longer than many of his other albums.

The single "Music Trance" was released in 1979. The B-side of the LP contained "And This Is Love".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Music Trance" (Ben E. King) [5:56]
  2. "And This Is Love" (Barrie Palmer, Janet Alhanti) [4:07]
  3. "Touched By Your Love" (Ben E. King, Bert de Coteaux, Melvin Shaw) [5:39]
  4. "You've Only Got One Chance To Be Young" (Ben E. King, Melvin Shaw) [6:16]
  5. "Hired Gun" (Gregory McCoy, James Drumgole) [6:11]
  6. "Everyday" (Gregory McCoy, James Drumgole) [5:35]
  7. "Work That Body" (Tyrone Williams) [6:20]