Muwatalli I

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Muwatalli I
Cause of death killed by his servants
Predecessor Huzziya II
Successor Tudhaliya I
Spouse(s) Walanni
Relatives maybe Huzziya II

Muwatalli I was a king of the Hittites.


Muwatalli killed his predecessor Huzziya II. He was the Chief of the Royal Bodyguard of Huzziya, but later he killed him. He may have been Huzziya's younger brother.

Muwatalli's Chief of the Royal Bodyguard was called Muwa. Muwattalli himself was killed in a palace by Himuili, the Chief of the Palace Servants, and Kantuzili, the Overseer of the Gold Chariot Fighters.[1]

His wife was called Walanni.[2]

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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Huzziya II
Hittite king
ca. 1400 BC
Succeeded by
Tudhaliya I (?)