My Only Ü

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My Only Ü
My Only U.jpg
Theatrical movie poster
Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina
Produced by Marjorie Lachica
Chinno B. Marquez
Marizel V. Samson
Charo Santos-Concio
Malou Santos
Written by Emmanuel Dela Cruz
Chinno B. Marquez
Screenplay by John Roque
Tanya Bautista
Starring Toni Gonzaga
Vhong Navarro
Music by Jessie Lasaten
Cinematography Manuel Teehankee
Edited by Marya Ignacio
Distributed by Star Cinema
Release date
  • 29 October 2008 (2008-10-29)
Running time
110 minutes
Country Philippines
Language Filipino / Tagalog, English
Box office PhP. 79.1 million

My Only Ü is a 2008 Filipino comedy drama film starring Vhong Navarro and Toni Gonzaga and directed by the award-winning director Cathy Garcia-Molina released under Star Cinema.

Plot summary[edit]

Bong (Vhong Navarro) has liked Winona (Toni Gonzaga) since time immemorial but he never had the courage to pursue her. Winona on the other hand, seems to be also showing interest in Bong, but he is too insensible to notice this. One day, in the tenement Bong is managing for his Aunt Lolit, he receives the final notes from the recently deceased neighborhood Doctor. Panying, Doc’s assistant, hands Bong his result an just hand out Winona’s. He checks out his letter and sees that the results are all negative. Bong is very healthy. However, as he opens Winona’s envelope, fear drowns him because he knows about the so-called curse that all the women in Winona’s family die before 25. Her mother died after giving birth at the age of 24, her older brother died of bangungot at age 21, her maternal aunt disappeared during Martial Law at 23, her grandmother died during World War II at age 20, her great grandmother is said that she died of drowning at age 18, her greatest grandmother died of malaria at age 22, he ancestor was devoured by a dinosaur at age 19. Bong is aware that Winona is turning 25 soon and this letter might just confirm that curse. He opens the letter and sees the result. It is positive. Winona has lupus and she will die soon. Bong vows to make Winona’s last remaining days happy and perfect. Bong goes through the whole montage of making life blissful for Winona. Winona and Bong become a lot closer to each other. They begin to fall in love. When Winona turned 25, she didn’t die. She found the letter sent by the hospital. She discovers then that her results were all negative. She got mad because Bong has been keeping it a secret ever since.

Bong tried to apologize. But when Winona rejected his apology, he fainted and was hospitalized. That time, Winona was so worried so he took care of Bong.

But one day he found out that he has a rare lung disease. At first he was sad but he bece happy thinking that if Winona will die, he could die with her. As he was trying to tell Winona the 'good news', Winona was so happy and told him that she is not dying. The Doctor’s assistant made a mistake with his notes. Winona was devastated after knowing that Bong is dying.

But despite all of this, Winona proposed to Bong. They died in a acar accident after their marriage. [1]

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