Myeongjong of Goryeo

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Myeongjong of Goryeo
Hangul 명종
Hanja 明宗
Revised Romanization Myeongjong
McCune–Reischauer Myŏngjong
Birth name
Hangul 왕호
Hanja 王晧
Revised Romanization Wang Ho
McCune–Reischauer Wang Ho

King Myeongjong (8 November 1131 – 3 December 1202) (r. 1170–1197) was monarch of the Goryeo dynasty of Korea. He was the third son of King Injong.

Although it was intended that Injong's second son should succeed his father,[1] he was assassinated because Jeong Jung-bu feared that he might become a threat to him in the future. Myeongjong was a weak king, and was merely on the throne to show the general populace they still had a king, as the true rulers were the military leaders. His reign saw constant bloodshed as well as the deaths of the rebels Chung Jung-bu, Yi Ui-bang, and Yi Ui-min (not related to Yi Ui-Bang) but also the hero, Gyeong Dae-seung (General Gyeong was in fact the most loyal of the military leaders. Yet Myeongjong hated and mistrusted him because of his popularity with the populace).

After twenty-seven years on the throne, he was sent into exile by the military ruler of the time, Choe Chung-heon, and Injong's fifth son, King Sinjong, was placed on the throne.


  • Father: King Injong of Goryeo (29 October 1109 – 10 April 1146) (고려 인종)
    • Grandfather: King Yejong of Goryeo (11 February 1079 – 15 May 1122) (고려 예종)
    • Grandmother: Queen Sundeok of the Incheon Lee clan (? – 5 September 1118) (순덕왕후 이씨)
  • Mother: Queen Gongye of the Jangheung Im clan (7 September 1109 – 1183) (공예왕후 임씨)
    • Grandfather: Im Won-Hu (1089 – 1156) (임원후)


  1. Queen Uijeong of the Kaesong Wang clan (의정왕후 왕씨)
    1. King Gangjong of Goryeo (10 May 1152 – 26 August 1213) (고려 강종)
    2. Princess Yeonhee (연희궁주)
    3. Princess Suan (? – June 1199) (수안궁주)

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ It was said that when Injong was choosing an heir, he preferred his second son for his keen insight and wisdom; however, his older brother came to power, and banished him out of jeolousy.
  • 명종 (in Korean). Doosan Encyclopedia.

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