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Myriam Gurba
ResidenceLong Beach, California
OccupationArtist and writer

Myriam Gurba is an American queer[1] spoken-word artist, visual artist, and writer from Santa Maria, California. She currently lives and teaches in Long Beach, California.[2] Her most well known book, Painting Their Portraits in Winter: Stories, explores Mexican stories and traditions from a feminist lens.[3]


Gurba toured with Sister Spit,[4] a "lesbian-feminist spoken-word and performance art collective."[5] She read at Radar,[6] Bootleg Theater,[7][8] Skylight Books,[9][10] Book Show,[11] Rhapsodomancy,[12] The Poetic Research Bureau,[13] Tongue & Groove,[14] Small Press Fest at Pitzer College,[15] Gallery 211[16][17][18] Booksmith[19] and Charis Books & More.[20]

Gurba exhibited at the Museum of Latin American Art[21][22] and The Center Long Beach.[23]


Gurba is the author of three books: Mean (Coffee House Press, 2017),[24][25] Painting Their Portraits in Winter: Stories (Manic D Press, 2015)[26][25][27] and Dahlia Season: Stories and a Novella (Manic D Press/Future Tense, 2007).[28][29][30] She wrote the chapbooks: Sweatsuits of the Damned (RADAR Productions, 2013), Menudo & Herb: a little book to reach for during big bowel movements (2013), A White Girl Named Shaquanda: A Chomo Allegory and Trewish Story (2013),[31] River Candy (eohippus labs)[32] and Wish You Were Me (Future Tense Books, 2011).[33]

Gurba's work has been anthologized in Best American Erotica (St. Martin's), Bottom's Up (Soft Skull), Tough Girls (Black Books)[34] Ambientes: New Queer Latino Writing[35] and Secrets & Confidences: The Complicated Truth about Women's Friendships (Seal).[36] Her poetry appears in Entropy[37] and Everyday Genius.[38] Her prose appears in Time (magazine),[39] Colorlines,[40] Les Figues Press,[41] Zocalo Public Square,[42] The Wanderer,[43] figment[44] and XQsi Magazine.[45]


Gurba's debut novel Dahlia Season[46] won The Edmund White Award for Debut Fiction from Publishing Triangle, and was a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award.[47][48] Dazed ranked Dahlia Season among their list of queer lit classics.[49] Emily Gould described Gurba as "a new writer for the first time whose voice is different from any you’ve heard before and who you want to keep hearing forever."[50]

Reviews, Articles and Interviews[edit]

Reviews of Gurba's work appear in The Lesbrary,[51] Rain Taxi,[52] BIG OTHER[53] and Wing Chair Books.[54] Articles about her appears in KQED,[2] The Edge LB[55] and Confessions of a Boy Toy.[56] Interviews with her appear in OC Weekly,[57] MOLAA,[58] The Normal School,[59] Weird Sister[60] and Otherppl.[61] Playlists for Gurba's writing appear in Largehearted Boy.[62][63]


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