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Myron is a masculine given name used in English-speaking and Eastern European countries including Romania, Ukraine and Russia (in the countries of the former USSR it is usually spelled Miron, except for Ukraine whereas in Ukrainian language this name is spelled Myron). Non-religious or Christianized Jews used this name as a Gentile replacement of the Jewish name Meir.[citation needed] This use was originally in honor of the ancient Greek sculptor Myron (Greek Μύρων), whose name meant "myrrh, perfume" in ancient Greek.[1] Myron was fairly popular as a male given name in the United States during the early part of the 20th century.[citation needed] The popularity of the name declined during the 1960s[citation needed] and it is very rare today to see young people with the name Myron.[citation needed] The female equivalent of Myron is considered to be Myra.

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