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NPO Saturn
Native name
ОАО «НПО „Сатурн“»
Open joint-stock company
Industry Mechanical engineering
Founded 1916 (1916), 2001 (2001)
Headquarters Rybinsk, Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia
Key people
Ilya Nikolayevich Fyodorov, managing director
Products Aircraft engines, ¿power units?
Revenue RUB10.5 billion[1] (2011)
RUB53 million (2011)
Number of employees
23 000 (27.03.2011) (2011)
Parent United Engine Corporation[2]

NPO Saturn, JSC (НПО Сатурн) is a Russian aircraft engine manufacturer, formed from the mergers of Rybinsk motors JSC and Lyul'ka-Saturn JSC (after Arkhip Mikhailovich Lyulka) in 2001.[3] Saturn's engines power many former Eastern Bloc aircraft, such as the Tupolev Tu-154. Saturn holds a 50% stake in the PowerJet joint venture with Snecma. The company, founded by Pavel Soloviev, has its headquarters in the town of Rybinsk.

Following the 2014 Crimean crisis, the Ukrainians refused to supply the Russian Navy with marine gas turbines from Zorya-Mashproekt, and so Saturn has been commissioned to design new engines for the Admiral Gorshkov and Admiral Grigorovich-class frigates. USC forecast these new engines will be available in 2017-18, allowing ships to be commissioned from 2020.[4]


Buran snowmobile



Snow mobile[edit]

"RUSSKAYA MEKHANIKA“ company is the manufacturer of snowmobiles TAJGA and BURAN, Approximately 10000 of these units come from the plant each year. It is a 100% affiliated company of NPO SATURN. The snowmobiles have been produced in Rybinsk in the Yaroslavl Oblast. (approx. 400 km north of Moscow) since 1971.


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