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UEC NPO Saturn
Native name
ПАО «ОДК-Сатурн» НПО
Open joint-stock company
Industry Mechanical engineering
Founded 1916; 101 years ago (1916)
Headquarters Rybinsk, Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia
Key people
Ilya Nikolayevich Fyodorov, managing director
Products Aircraft engines, components
Revenue RUB10.5 billion[1] (2011)
RUB53 million (2011)
Number of employees
23,000 (2011)
Parent United Engine Corporation[2]
Website npo-saturn.ru

UEC NPO Saturn, PJSC (Russian: ОДК-Сатурн НПО) is a Russian aircraft engine manufacturer, formed from the mergers of Rybinsk motors JSC and Lyul'ka-Saturn JSC (after Arkhip Mikhailovich Lyulka) in 2001.[3] Saturn's engines power many former Eastern Bloc aircraft, such as the Tupolev Tu-154. Saturn holds a 50% stake in the PowerJet joint venture with Snecma. The company, founded by Pavel Soloviev, has its headquarters in the town of Rybinsk.


UEC Saturn was established in 2001, following the merger of Rybinsk Motors and Lyulka-Saturn.[4]

Rybinsk Motors was originally known as the Kolesov Engine Design Bureau. Kolesov took over the organization from V.A. Dobrynin who founded it in the late 1930s or early 1940s. Under Kolesov's direction, the bureau designed turbojet engines for the Myasishchev M-50 Bounder experimental supersonic bomber, turbojets for the Tu-22 Blinder medium bomber, RD-36-35FVR lift engines for the Yak-38 Forger, RD-36-51A supersonic engines for the Tu-144 SST, RD-36-51V engines for the Myasishchev M-17 Mystic, and lift engines for the Yak-141 Freestyle.[5]

Lyulka-Saturn was named for its founder, A. M. Lyulka.[5]

Following the 2014 Crimean crisis, the Ukrainians refused to supply the Russian Navy with marine gas turbines from Zorya-Mashproekt, and so Saturn has been commissioned to design new engines for the Admiral Gorshkov and Admiral Grigorovich-class frigates. USC forecast these new engines will be available in 2017-18, allowing ships to be commissioned from 2020.[6]

UEC Saturn announced in April 2017 that Saturn's marine turbines are now in production and undergoing sea trials prior to delivery.[7] This is the first venture by a Russian manufacturer into the production of large marine gas turbines, aimed at completely replacing the earlier Ukrainian equivalents.[8]


Buran snowmobile


Saturn makes the AL-31 turbojet which powers China's Chengdu J-10 multirole jet fighter aircraft.


Gas Turbines[edit]

  • M70FR FRU (D090 UGT15000 M70 DO90) 10 14 MW unit M27 M7N1 , M70RU (6 8 to 14,8 MW)
  • M70FRU2 (DP71 DM71 UGT6000) 6 8 MW unit M35 ; M75RU Gas Turbine (5 7 to 8 MW) , M75FR (5.2 to 5.4 MW)
  • E70/8RD (within 8.48 MW or little more, derived from M70FRU [12] [13] [14] and SaM146)
  • M90FR FRU (UGT15000R+ M90 DA91)unit M55R (20.2 MW , max 26 28 [15] ) , M90RU and M85RU (14 16 to 18 24 MW DO90 DA70 DA80 DA90 DA91 DT59 DN59 D090)
  • M80RU FR FRU (DA80 M80 DN80) (25 to 28.6 MW) [14]
  • D049R , DO49R , D055R
  • AL-31ST 16 MW at UMPO along AL31STN and other GTs
  • AL-31STE 18 MW at UMPO [16]
  • GT-25PU (25 26 MW)
  • GTD-110 GTD110M (110 MW)
  • GTN-25-1 25 MW built at Tjumen Engine Plant TMZ [17] and Ural Turbine Plant UTZ at Ekaterinburg [18]
  • Baltika-25 (SGT-600 [19] ) unit with 25 MW engine GT-10 built at AVV Nevskij (Saint Petersburg) [17]
  • GTE45 (TeploEnergoServis with Engineering Center of Gas Turbine Production) (45,4 MW)
  • GTU32 (MS5002E) "Ladoga" built at NZL plant Saint Petersburg [20]
  • GTU86 (6FA 6F03) 82 MW (GTU52 6F01 54 MW) at RGT , Rybinsk
  • GTE-180 , GTE-160 , further , along SilMash , GTT , KTZ and UTZ
  • GTN-25 UTZ Gas TurboGenerator 25 MW GPA-25/76 at Nevsky Zavod , GPA25 GCP25 Iskra Perm
  • GP2 (PS90GP2) (15.2 MW , GP3 20 GP4 25) , GT-12PU 12.4 MW GTU-12PG-2 12.3 MW
  • GTD-6/8RM, DO49, GTD-4RM, GTD-10RM, GTD-6,3RM
M7N1 unit made by 2x UGT16000 (DT59) 16.48 MW and 2x UGT6000 (DS71) 7.45 MW
so M90FR 20.58 MW or M70FRU with M70FRU2 (or M90FR with M75RU layout)
M36 unit have 4 DT59 (16,7 MW) , comparable unit would be 4x M90FR or 2x M90FR with 2x M70FRU
M55 unit 2x DA91 + 2x diesel (2x M90FR + 2x diesel or M70FRU or 4x M90FR to 40,5 MW 54400 hp) , M3N , M8
M5N unit 4x DN59 2x DS71 92000 hp , M9B unit 2x D090 2x DT59 74000 hp , M27 2x D090 2x DS71 , M10 M16 1x D71 2x D050
M25A unit 2x DA80 2x diesel 92000 hp , M44 2x D090 1x diesel , M73 2x DP73 M35 5x DP71 , M10D 2x D050 DT59
M21A unit 4x DT59 2x DS71 2x Steam Turbines 110000 hp 82 MW (4x M90FR 2x M70FRU2 or M75RU 2x Steam , 4x M90FR 2x M70FRU 2x M70FRU2 or M75RU)
  • PGU-165/325/495 Steam Gas units corrispectively 165 325 and 495 MW electric power. [21]
Turborus [22] (at Production)
  • M3N M5E M8 M10, M15A M15-B M15V, M35, M7K, M7N M7N1, M9, M21A, MT70, DT4
  • DT 59, DK 59, DN 59, DE 59, D063, DR77 DS 77 DN 77, DD 50, DO 75, DM 71 DR 71 DP 71 DS 71, DR 76, DM 76, DA 90, DO 90, DA 91.


  • Saturn RD-600V[23]


  • Saturn TVD-1500B[24]

Snow mobile[edit]

"RUSSKAYA MEKHANIKA“ company is the manufacturer of snowmobiles TAJGA and BURAN, Approximately 10000 of these units come from the plant each year. It is a 100% affiliated company of NPO SATURN. The snowmobiles have been produced in Rybinsk in the Yaroslavl Oblast. (approx. 400 km north of Moscow) since 1971.


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