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New Zealand DSG class
NZR DSG 3114, Dunedin, NZ.JPG
DSG 3114 in Dunedin, 2009.
Type and origin
Power typeDiesel-Electric Shunter
BuilderToshiba Heavy Industries, Japan[1]
Build date1981 - 1983
 • UICBo-Bo
Gauge3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm)
Length13.5 metres (44 ft 3 in)
Loco weight56 tonnes (55 long tons; 62 short tons)
Prime moverTwo Cummins KTA-1150L
RPM range1800 rpm
Engine typeI6 Diesel engine
GeneratorTwo Toshiba SDT 1144
Traction motorsFour Toshiba SE 2314
Cylinder size159 mm × 159 mm (6.3 in × 6.3 in)
Performance figures
Maximum speed60 km/h (37 mph)
Power output700 kW (940 hp)
Tractive effort130 kN (29,000 lbf)
Number in class24
NumbersDSG 3005 - 3304
First run1981 - 1983
DispositionIn service

The New Zealand DSG class is a type of diesel-electric shunting locomotive used in New Zealand. The class shares a central cab design with the smaller DSC class shunting locomotive, and is twin-engined. Meanwhile, the very similarly designed, single-engined DSJ class, has a cab that is offset from the centre.


The DSG class shunters were built in four batches from 1981 to 1983. The first batch of six locomotives was introduced in 1981,[2] followed by batches in 1982 and 1983.[3]

In Service[edit]

The locomotives have seen widespread use throughout New Zealand, particularly in larger yards and for port traffic.[3] They also see service on sections of mainline, performing regional shunt duties in a number of areas.


All DSG class locomotives are in the KiwiRail Mark 2 colour scheme (Vertical separations of main colours on car body).[1]


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