Namhsan Township

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Namhsan is located in Myanmar
Coordinates: 22°57′0″N 97°9′0″E / 22.95000°N 97.15000°E / 22.95000; 97.15000
Country  Burma
State Shan State
Self-administered zone Pa Laung
Elevation[1] 3,501 ft (1,067 m)
Time zone MMT (UTC+6:30)

Namhsan Township (Burmese: နမ့်ဆန်မြို့နယ်) is a township of the Pa Laung Self-Administered Zone[2] in the Shan State of eastern Burma (Myanmar). The principal town and administrative seat is Namhsan.

Prior to August 2010, Kyaukme District included Namhsan Township and Mantong Township; and both of them were transferred that month to the newly created Pa Laung Self-Administered Zone.[2][3]


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