Namie-Odaka Nuclear Power Plant

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Namie-Odaka Nuclear Power Plant
Country Japan
Status Cancelled
Owner(s) Tōhoku Electric Power Company
Nuclear power station
Reactor type ABWR
Fuel type UO2
Power generation
Units cancelled 1 x 825 MW
Nameplate capacity 825 MW

The Namie-Odaka Nuclear Power Plant (浪江・小高原子力発電所 Namie Odaka genshiryoku hatsudensho?) was a plan for a nuclear power plant in Minamisōma and Namie in the Fukushima Prefecture that had preparation for preliminary ground work done. It was a project of the Tōhoku Electric Power Company. The plans were canceled after urging from local lawmakers in the wake of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.[1]

Reactors on site[edit]

Unit 1[edit]

  • Type: ABWR
  • Start of construction: 2017[2]
  • Begin of operation: 2021 (planned)
  • Electric Output: 825 MW
  • Fuel: UO2 fuel


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