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So, I started attaching this to the articles:

But I'm going to stop for a number of reasons, and this brings up some big-picture issues that I need others to work with me on. Firstly, we already have the link to the list of reactors in the template. Second, I really want to see Nuclear power in Japan become the one main end all be all article for this topic. I also want to minimize the standardized junk attached to all of these articles (look at an article for any U.S. plant and you'll see what I'm trying to avoid). In my view, these articles should contain:

  1. A summary of the units at the site and
  2. Any notable facts about the plant available

inter-wiki links are, of course, a must. Stub templates are questionable (how much are these really going to expand), but this Japan reactor template I think is good. See also stuff and external links are probably best left to the main page of Nuclear power in Japan I think. What other comments do people have to make about the creation of these articles? -Theanphibian (talkcontribs) 06:01, 28 June 2007 (UTC)