Nasir Chinyoti

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Nasir Chinyoti
OccupationComedian, Stage Actor

Nasir Chinyoti (ناصر چنیوٹی) is a Pakistani actor.[1] He is a comedian, stage, and TV actor. He is from Chiniot. He started his acting at Multan Stage.[2] Nasir has starred in many stage dramas/telefilms in various languages, including Urdu and Punjabi. He is most notable for comedy stage dramas based in Lahore. He is famous for using improvised dialogue during stage plays. Nasir Chinyoti has acted with a number of other comedy actors including Babu Baral, Sohail Ahmad, Iftikhar Thakur, Anwar Ali, Tariq Teddy, and Sakhawat Naz. He currently appears in Khabardaar Comedy Show in various satires on Express News (Pakistan).He is rated one of the best comedians in Pakistan.


  • No Tension (2013)
  • Gulabo (2008)
  • One Tow Ka One (2006)


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