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Nassau may refer to:



  • Nassau, Bahamas, capital city of the Bahamas, on the island of New Providence


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  • Nassau, Rhineland-Palatinate, a town founded in AD 915, after which most other entities called Nassau are named directly or indirectly:
    • Nassau (region), the broader geographical and historical region comprising the former independent country Nassau
    • Nassau (Verbandsgemeinde), an administrative district including the town of Nassau and its surrounding areas
    • County of Nassau, a German state within the Holy Roman Empire during the middle ages, or one of its many successor counties
    • Duchy of Nassau, an independent German state between 1806 and 1866 and the ultimate successor of the medieval county. It was a member of Napoleon's Confederation of the Rhine until 1813 and the German Confederation after 1815.
    • Hesse-Nassau, a Prussian province formed following their annexation of the Duchy of Nassau (along with other territories)
    • Province of Nassau, a short-lived province of Nazi Germany (1944–1945) created from the formal division of Hesse-Nassau (although all provinces had been de facto dissolved by 1933 so in practice it existed in name only).
    • Nassau Castle, the ancestral seat of the House of Nassau
    • Nassau Nature Park, a major nature park in Germany located within the historical state of Nassau
  • Nassau, Saxony, a village in the Ore Mountains

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