National Park School District

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National Park School District
516 Lakehurst Avenue
National Park, NJ 08063
District information
Grades K-6
Superintendent Shannon Whalen
Business administrator Donna Contrevo
Schools 1
Students and staff
Enrollment 260 (as of 2011-12)[1]
Faculty 22.1 FTEs
Student-teacher ratio 11.76:1
Other information
District Factor Group B
Ind. Per pupil District
 %± vs.
1A Total Spending $17,685 29 $18,891 -6.4%
1 Budgetary Cost 15,693 39 13,649 15.0%
2 Classroom Instruction 9,441 36 8,366 12.8%
6 Support Services 2,858 50 2,161 32.3%
8 Administrative Cost 1,569 27 1,467 7.0%
10 Operations & Maintenance 1,763 40 1,552 13.6%
13 Extracurricular Activities 36 21 39 -7.7%
16 Median Teacher Salary 70,249 57 57,437
Data from NJDoE 2014 Taxpayers' Guide to Education Spending.[2]
*Of K-6 districts with any number of students. Lowest spending=1; Highest=59

The National Park School District is a community public school district that serves students in pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade from National Park, in Gloucester County, New Jersey, United States.

As of the 2011-12 school year, the district's one school had an enrollment of 260 students and 22.1 classroom teachers (on an FTE basis), for a student–teacher ratio of 11.76:1.[1]

The district is classified by the New Jersey Department of Education as being in District Factor Group "B", the second lowest of eight groupings. District Factor Groups organize districts statewide to allow comparison by common socioeconomic characteristics of the local districts. From lowest socioeconomic status to highest, the categories are A, B, CD, DE, FG, GH, I and J.[3]

For seventh through twelfth grade, public school students attend Gateway Regional High School, a regional public high school serving students from the boroughs of National Park, Wenonah, Westville and Woodbury Heights, as part of the Gateway Regional High School District.[4][5] As of the 2014-15 school year, the school had an enrollment of 961 students and 81.0 classroom teachers (on an FTE basis), for a student–teacher ratio of 11.9:1.[6]


National Park Elementary School served 260 students as of the 2011-12 school year.[7]

  • Carla Bittner, Principal[8]


Core members of the district's administration are:[8][9]

  • Shannon Whalen, Superintendent
  • Donna Contrevo, Business Administrator / Board Secretary


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