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Neal Ashkanasy

Neal Ashkanasy was born to Maurice Ashkanasy, an early leader of the Australian Jewish community, and Heather Helen Ashkanasy, on 5 June 1945. He's married to Linda Ashkanasy, and has three children: Zachariah, Shawn and David.


Ashkanasy attended Mt. Scopus College (in Melbourne) from K to Y12. His father Maurice Ashkanasy was one of the founders of the school, which is now one of the largest private schools in Australia.

Following school, he attended Monash University and completed a degree in Civil Engineering and a Master's degree in Water Engineering at the University of New South Wales (in Sydney). Ashkanasy began work (in 1968) with the Queensland Irrigation and Water Supply Commission and worked for the Commission (renamed the QWRC: the Queensland Water Resources Commission) for 18 years, rising to the rank of “Executive Engineer, Water Supply Investigations.” During that time, he was actively involved in the Institution of Engineers, Australia, eventually serving as Chair of its “National Committee on Hydrology and Water Resources,” and was a former national president of the Hydrology and Water Resources Institution of Engineers and oversaw the planning and building of the Wivenhoe Dam.

After an 18-year career in professional engineering and management Ashkanasy returned to university in 1970. He completed a PG Diploma in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Arts (major in psychology) with First Class Honours and a University Gold Medal, at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. Ashkanasy's was invited to enrol in a PhD in the School of Psychology, which was completed in 1989. Commencing his acceademic career with the School of Psychology, he was later seconded to the Technology and Innovation Management Centre (1989). In 1988 he was appointed a Lecturer (assistant professor) in the School of Commerce, where he attained tenure and promotion in 1994 before moving to the School of Management in 1995. In 2002, the schools of Commerce and Management merged to form the UQ Business School. From 2004–2008, he served as Associate Dean in the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law. His present position is professor of management in the UQ Business School.


Ashkanasy has been acknowledged for his contributions to the field of organisational behaviour and in particular the study of emotions in the workplace. He was the first Australian to be elected a Fellow of SIOP, his citation reads:

Dr. Ashkanasy is one of a very small group of scholars who has developed theoretical models and conducted empirical research so effectively on emotions in the workplace that this topic has moved within the past decade from obscurity to mainstream research in I-O psychology. His annual book series on this topic is responsible in part for what is now being called in our field the “affective revolution".[1]

Ashkanasy is the current editor-in-chief of the Journal of Organizational Behavior[2] and associate editor of Emotion Review[3] and Academy of Management Review.[4] In additions, he is series editor of the book series Research on Emotion in Organizations.[5]


Expert comment[edit]

Interviews with Ashkanasy:

  • No separating emotion from the workplace, Globe and Mail, 18 August 2012[6]
  • Rush, S. (2004). Emotional Rescue: A conversation with Neal M. Ashkanasy. Leadership in Action, 24, 14–17[7]

As the former hydrologist who oversaw the planning of the Wivenhoe Dam, Ashkanasy's expert opinion has been quoted throughout the national media regarding the water release from the Wivenhow Dam and reactions to the aftermath, since the January 2011 Brisbane floods.


Ashkanasy is an elected fellow of:

  • Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia, 2010
  • US Association for Psychological Science, 2009
  • Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management, 2008
  • Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2006
  • Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2005
  • Churchill Fellows Association of Queensland, 1975


Ashkanasy has published over 100 journal articles and book chapters and is author or co-author of over 200 conference papers.

Journal articles[edit]

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