Nesey Gallons

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Nesey Gallons
"Willywags", Maine
Pump Organ
Singing Saw
Years active2000–present
LabelsElephant Six
Hurrah for Karamazov
Cloud Recordings
Carousel Breakfast
Associated actsThe Music Tapes
Circulatory System

Nesey Gallons is a solo recording artist associated with the Elephant 6 Collective, and a former member of the bands Circulatory System[1] and The Music Tapes.[2][3] In addition to his solo work, his contributions are largely as a producer and engineer, including The Music Tapes' album Music Tapes for Clouds and Tornadoes, Julian Koster's The Singing Saw at Christmastime, Circulatory System's album Signal Morning,[4] and the Hot New Mexicans epononymous LP.[5] Gallons made his acting debut in the film "Present." [6]



  • When We Were Clouds (songs) (CD-R; 2002)
  • The Silhouette Museum (sound collage) (CD-R; 2002)
  • Now Gargling (sound collage) (CD-R; 2003)
  • Two Bicycles (songs) (CD-R; 2003)
  • Somewhere We Both Walk (story / soundtrack) (CD-R; 2003; Reissue; 2015)
  • Eyes & Eyes & Eyes Ago (songs) (CD-R, 2006; CD/LP; 2009)
  • Southern Winter (Smouldering Porches) (songs) (CD-R; 2010)
  • Swan Phase (sound collage) (CD-R; 2011)
  • When I Was An Ice Skater (songs) (CD-R; 2012)
  • Blackout Era (Smouldering Porches) (songs) (CD-R; 2013)
  • Boston, 1999 (sound collage) (CD-R; 2013)


  • Present (2013)


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