Neutral Free Austria Federation

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Neutral Free Austria Federation
Bündnis Neutrales Freies Österreich
Leader Dipl.-Ing. Rudolf Pomaroli
Founded March 17, 2003 (2003-03-17)
Headquarters 6010 Innsbruck, Postfach 110
Ideology Direct democracy
Christian politics
Animal rights
Political position centre-right

The Neutral Free Austria Federation (German: Bündnis Neutrales Freies Österreich, NFÖ) was a political party in Austria founded on 17 March 2003. It contested the 2006 legislative election under the name "EU Withdrawal – Neutral Free Austria" (EU-Austritt – Neutrales Freies Österreich), but only appeared on the ballot in Vorarlberg, Tyrol, Carinthia, Salzburg and Vienna and failed to pass the electoral threshold of 4%, achieving only 0.23%. Its party program is oriented on Christian politics and centered mainly on the demand to withdraw from the European Union and the establishment of direct democracy.
For the EU election 2014, together with the EU Exit Party (EU-Austrittspartei) which has very similar aims, the party has formed an electoral platform called EU-STOP. In summer 2015, it merged into the EU Exit Party.

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