New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling

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New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling
Acronym NZWPW
Founded October 2003
Founder(s) Martin Stirling
Formerly Wellington Pro Wrestling

New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling (NZWPW) is a professional wrestling promotion based in Petone, New Zealand.



NZWPW started in October 2003 by martial arts trainer, Martin Stirling. Wrestlers trained by Stirling first performed at the Armageddon Convention on 20 September 2003, as part of an Impact Pro Wrestling show, and the promotion was launched under the name Wellington Pro Wrestling (WPW). Their first show was held on 14 November 2003 in Petone. WPW then got re-branded to New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling in January 2005, This was partly because the domain name for WPW was already used and to reflect the growing interest in touring New Zealand (Christchurch, Masterton, Levin, Gisborne, Hastings and Auckland) as well as the Wellington area.


NZWPW has performed shows in Christchurch, Palmerston North, Porirua, Otaki, Levin, Paraparaumu and many others major centres up and down the country making it the most widely touring New Zealand promotion and the only one to perform regularly in both New Zealand's North Island and South Island. Wrestlers from NZWPW have also wrestled for Australian promotion Impact Pro Wrestling Australia (formerly Major Impact Wrestling).[1] Female wrestler Misty also competed in the all women's Australian promotion PWWA.

In May 2006 a number of NZWPW wrestlers, led by former NZWPW booker The Punisher and WCW/ NWA star Rip Morgan, left to set up a rival promotion called Kiwi Pro Wrestling. Since then NZWPW has had an on-again-off-again working relationship with Auckland-based promotion Impact Pro Wrestling. In 2008 NZWPW featured on the television show 'Good Morning' which is a nationally seen show on TV One to promote Powerplay V with all profits being donated to the Te Omanga Hospice. It continued on its charity work in 2009 when it ran a show to raise funds for the Movember foundation. NZWPW also co-promoted a show with the Australasian Wrestling Federation featuring Raven. In 2009 Chris Masters featured at Powerplay VI, making numerous television appearances to promote the event including 'Good Morning' and '20/20'.

Martial arts[edit]

Thanks to Martin Stirling's martial arts background, NZWPW has made much of its links with New Zealand's martial arts scene. Many of their early shows featured demonstrations of fighting styles such as karate and kickboxing.[2] Shows have also been co-promoted with major Sumo events such as the 2005 Oceania Sumo Championships[3] and the 2006 New Zealand Open Sumo Championships.[4]

Also in 2006, NZWPW co-sponsored sumo wrestlers Sio Sakaria and Mark Tanu to attend the Junior World Championships in Estonia, where they won silver and bronze medals respectively.[5]

In 2009 NZWPW wrestlers Travis Banks and Tykade both won gold medals at the Oceania Sumo championships in Australia.[6][7]

This was backed up in 2010 when numerous NZWPW wrestlers took part in the Oceania Sumo Championships (this time held in Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand). With Tykade once again taking out the open and heavyweight divisions, Rufguts and Ben Mana were also in the medals in the heavyweight and open divisions.

Travis Banks, Tykade and Rufguts went on to compete at the World Combat Games in China in August 2010.

Triangle TV[edit]


New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling Invasion previously aired on Triangle TV & Stratos.[8] The show debuted on 21 August 2008[9] at 11pm.[10] Invasion includes touring of NZWPW and was officially kicked off on 16 August in Wainuiomata and occasionally, Upper Hutt. The show ended prior to the New Year of 2009.


Current champions[edit]

Championship Current champion(s) Date won Event Previous Champion Reference
NZWPW Heavyweight Championship Axl 10 November 2017 Powerplay 2017 Charlie Roberts
NZWPW Tag Team Championship Vacant 29 November 2017 Jade Priest & James Shaw
He Toa Cup Kartik 10 November 2017 Powerplay 2017 Axl


  • Axl
  • Bryant
  • Cam Owens the Third
  • Chad Howard
  • Daniel Martins
  • Hayden Thiele
  • Jade Priest
  • Jay Marshall
  • Kartik
  • Misty
  • Mr. Silver
  • Paul Sayers
  • 'Rufguts' Roddy Gunn
  • Sam Black
  • Scravenge
  • Shane Sinclair
  • Umlaut


  • "Dreamcatcher" Phil Woodgate (C.W.O)
  • Martin Stirling (Chairman)
  • Damian Skyfire (Referee)

Powerplay Results[edit]

Powerplay XI[edit]

Powerplay XI
NZWPW PowerPlay XI.jpg
Promotional poster
Tagline(s) A Battle For The Heart And Soul Of NZWPW
Promotion NZWPW
Date November 15, 2014
Venue Levin Memorial Hall
City Levin, New Zealand
Powerplay chronology
Powerplay X Powerplay XI Powerplay 2017

No. Results Stipulations
1 The Wainui Express (c) defeated Rodeo Drive Tag team match for the NZWPW Tag Team Championship
2 "The Standard Hero" Graham Hughes defeated Kade Morgan 3G Singles match
3 Franke Quinn defeated Scarlett (c) Singles match for the KPW Women's Championship
4 Charlie Roberts defeated Shane Sinclair Singles match. Hughes Academy Champion vs. KPW Champion
5 Misty (c) defeated Krystal Kayne Singles match for the Hughes Academy Women's Championship
6 Team Warriors (Ben Mana, Paul Sayers, Hayden Thiele, Jade Priest & Mr. Silver defeated Team Nobodies Drive (Bryant, Chad Howard, Axl, XXX-Rated & "Dreamcatcher" Phil Woodgate) 5 on 5 Elimination Tag Team match
  • (c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match

5 on 5 Elimination Tag Team mtch[edit]

Elimination Wrestler Eliminated by
1 Bryant Disqualification
2 Ben Mana Countout
2 Axl Countout
3 Mr. Silver Pinfall
4 Jade Priest Pinfall
5 Hayden Thiele Pinfall
6 Chad Howard Pinfall
6 XXX-Rated Pinfall
6 "Dreamcatcher" Phil Woodgate Submission
Survivor(s): Paul Sayers

Powerplay 2017[edit]

Powerplay 2017
NZWPW Powerplay 2017 poster.jpg
Promotional poster
Promotion NZWPW
Date November 10, 2017
Venue Epuni Community Hall
City Epuni, New Zealand
Powerplay chronology
Powerplay XI Powerplay 2017 TBA

No. Results Stipulations
1 Cam Owens the Third defeated Sam Black Singles match
2 Shane Sinclair defeated "Rufguts" Roddy Gunn via Disqualification Stirling Rules match
3 Wayne la Perfeccion defeated Paul Sayers Singles match
4 Katrik defeated Bryant, Misty, Umlaut, Jay Marshal, Axl (c), Robbo "The Aussie Dreamboat" Smith, and "The Standard Hero" Graham Hughes Battle Royale for the He Toa Cup
5 The Beast Jade Priest defeated Dan "Thunderbird" Martins Singles match
6 Charlie Roberts defeated Chad Howard (c) Singles match for the NZWPW Heavyweight Championship
7 Axl defeated Charlie Roberts (c) Singles match for the NZWPW Heavyweight Championship
  • (c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match

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