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Nicastro is located in Italy
Location of Nicastro in Italy
Coordinates: 38°59′N 16°19′E / 38.983°N 16.317°E / 38.983; 16.317Coordinates: 38°59′N 16°19′E / 38.983°N 16.317°E / 38.983; 16.317
Country  Italy
Region  Calabria
Province Catanzaro (CZ)
Comune Lamezia Terme
Elevation 216 m (709 ft)
 • Total 40,000
Demonym(s) Nicastresi
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 88046
Dialing code (+39) 0968

Nicastro (Greek: Neokastron, new castle) was a small town in the province of Catanzaro, in the Calabria region of southern Italy.

Since 1968 it constitutes, together with Sambiase and Sant'Eufemia Lamezia, the city of Lamezia Terme.


It is situated on the isthmus between the gulfs of Sant'Eufemia and of Squillace, the narrowest part of Calabria. At 216 meters above sea-level, it commands a fine view.


The cathedral, an ancient temple, with the episcopal palace, was outside the city; it was restored in the year 1100 after being pillaged by Saracens. The ruined castle at Nicastro served as the place of imprisonment of Frederick II's son Henry.

Innocent IX was the bishop of Nicastro from 1560 to 1572. The area suffered greatly in the earthquakes of 1638, which destroyed the cathedral and the Benedictine abbey of St. Euphemia, founded by Robert Guiscard. Valuable archives were lost in the ruins.


The commerce of the port of Nicastro consists of the exportation of acid, herbs, and wine.

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