Nickelodeon UK Kids' Choice Awards 2007

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20th Kids' Choice Awards
Date May 2007
Location ExCeL Exhibition Centre
Hosted by McFly
Television/radio coverage
Network Nickelodeon

The Nickelodeon UK Kids' Choice Awards was first announced in May 2007. It is the first ever Kids' Choice Awards for the UK Nickelodeon. The show was hosted at ExCeL Exhibition Centre, London which took place 20 October 2007 and was presented by pop band McFly.

The Nickelodeon UK Kids' Choice Awards is very similar to the Australian and American versions, kids get to vote by clicking on the Nickelodeon website. People who vote on the website have chances to get tickets to see the live show in London. Also, another competition was held about "Nickelodeons Big Green Thing"; people who went online and did what the commercial told them to do could win a family ticket for 4 to the KCA's.



Best TV Actress[edit]

Best Female Singer[edit]

Best Game Show[edit]

Best Book[edit]

Best Movie Actress[edit]

Funniest Person Ever[edit]

Best Sportsperson[edit]

(Even though after they announced Beckham as the winner, John Cena would not accept it and McFly awarded him the 'Most Injured Wrestler' award).

Best Movie Actor[edit]

Best Male Singer[edit]

Best TV Actor[edit]

Best TV Presenter[edit]

Best TV Show[edit]

Favourite Toon[edit]

Best Band[edit]

Best Video Game[edit]

Best Movie of the Year[edit]


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