Nirooye Zamini F.C.

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Niroye Zamini
Full nameNiroye Zamini Football Club
Founded1980; 39 years ago
GroundShohada of Tehran Nezaja
OwnerIran Army
Head CoachOmid Ravankhah
LeagueAzadegan League
2019-20Azadegan League, 16th (Relegated)

Niroye Zamini Football Club (Persian: نیروی زمینی, Niruye Zemini) is an Iranian football club based in Tehran, Iran. It is the football team of Iran's ground forces.


The club was founded after the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and became the team of the Army.

They have competed in the Azadegan League for a long time. Many younger players who must serve the mandatory two-year military service end up playing for the team because the team belongs to the Iranian army.

In July 2009, Niroye Zamini terminated their sports activities due to financial problems. Gostaresh Foolad owned by Jamshid Khatibi took over their license. The club re-established later that summer and was placed in the 2nd Division The re-established club currently competes in the Azadegan League.

In 2015 the club was relegated to the 2nd Division after finishing 10th in the Azadegan League.



17th of Shahrivar league 8th

The table below chronicles the achievements of Niroye Zamini in various competitions since 1999.

Season Division League Position Hazfi Cup Notes
1999–00 2nd 2nd Division 6th Did not qualify
2000–01 2nd 2nd Division 5th Second Round
2001–02 2nd Azadegan League 7th First Round
2002–03 2nd Azadegan League 16th First Round Relegated
2003–04 3rd 2nd Division 5th Third Round Promoted
2004–05 2nd Azadegan League 11th Second Round
2005–06 2nd Azadegan League 7th Third Round
2006–07 2nd Azadegan League 7th Third Round
2007–08 2nd Azadegan League 3rd First Round
2008–09 2nd Azadegan League 6th* Third Round Relegated
2009–10 3rd 2nd Division 3rd/Group B Second Round
2010–11 3rd 2nd Division 2nd Did not qualify Promoted
2011–12 2nd Azadegan League 10th 1/16 Final
2012–13 2nd Azadegan League 6th 1/16 Final
2013–14 2nd Azadegan League 9th Third Round
2014–15 2nd Azadegan League 10th Round of 32 Relegated
2015–16 3rd 2nd Division 5th/Group A (Second round) Round of 32
2016–17 3rd 2nd Division 7th/Group C (League table) withdrew
2017–18 3rd 2nd Division
  • Sold its place in Azadegan League to another team