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Parliamentary elections were held in Niue on June 7, 2008.[1][2] They were initially expected to be held in April, but were delayed until June 2008.[3] Niue has a 20-member legislative assembly, called the Niue Assembly, whose members are elected by approximately 600 registered voters.[4] The assembly consists of 20 total members, 6 elected on a common roll and 14 representatives of the villages

Election management[edit]

The election was managed and controlled by the Chief Electoral Officer, Togia Sioneholo, who is also the Secretary of the Niue Department of Justice, Lands and Survey. However, since Sioneholo was also a candidate, he had to go on leave as required by the Niue Public Service Regulations. Hubert Kalauni took over the control and management of the election as Sioneholo's replacement. (Sioneholo won a seat in the Niue Legislative Assembly.)[5]


  • 22 May 2008 12pm - Closing of Nominations
  • 30 May 2008 12pm - Closing Withdrawal of Nominations
  • 28 May 2008 - Closing of Registration and Objection of Names in the Electoral Roll.
  • 7 June 2008 - Polling Day

e • d Summary of the 7 June 2008 Niue Assembly election results
Members Seats
Non-partisan members elected on a common roll 6
Representatives of the villages 14
Total (turnout  %)

Election results[edit]

Only three of the six sitting common assembly members retained their seats in the general election.[4] O'Love Jacobsen, who has been a member of the Niue Legislative Assembly for twenty years and was re-elected, remarked that the election was a call for change by Niuean voters.[4] Jacobsen believed that the election would lead to a new government and a new Premier of Niue.[4] She openly supported Toke Talagi's candidacy for the incoming prime ministership against current Premier Young Vivian.[4]

One of the three incumbent common assembly MPs who failed to be re-elected was Hima Douglas, former High Commissioner to New Zealand, who was unseated by Niue's Secretary of Justice Togia Sioneholo.[5][6] Two female candidates, Mahetoi Hekau and Esther Pavihi, were elected as new members thereby unseating two incumbent MPs, Michael Jackson and Krypton Okesene.[5]

In the capital and main village of Alofi, challenger Dalton Tagelangi easily defeated the incumbent member in the Alofi South constituency.[4]

Formation of new government[edit]

Despite the fact that new members, including Togia Sioneholo, Mahetoi Hekau and Esther Pavihi,[5] were elected to the legislative assembly, no single candidate for the premiership had a clear majority.[7]

The highest polling candidate in the election, incumbent MP Toke Talagi, stated he was considering to challenge Young Vivian for the premier's post; caretaker Deputy Premier Fisa Pihigia stated he would also stand if Talagi decided to stand, as Pihigia considered himself to be better suited to fend off a challenge from Talagi than Vivian.[8]

Eventually, Talagi and Vivian stood for premier. Talagi was elected on Thursday, June 26, 2008, with fourteen votes to Vivian's five, with one abstaining.[9]

Atapana Siakimotu was returned unopposed as Speaker of the House.[10]

On Thursday 20 June 2008, Hon Premier Toke Talagi announced through TV Niue the other three members of his Cabinet of Ministers, Hon Pokotoa Sipeli, Hon Togia Sioneholo and Hon O'love Tauveve Jacobsen.

Electorate Results by constituency[edit]

Final results according to Acting Chief Electoral Officer Mr Hubert Kalauni:[11][12]

Niuean general election, 2008: Common roll (6 members)
Candidate Votes % ±
Toke Talagi 493 10.7
Terry Coe 464 10.1
Togia Sioneholo 355 7.7
Esther Gustava Pavihi 337 7.3
Maihetoe Hekau 332 7.2
O'Love Jacobsen 327 7.1
Hima Douglas 317 6.9
Joan S. Tahafa Viliamu 303 6.6
Krypton Okesene 258 5.6
Sifaole Ioane 250 5.4
Taumafai Fuhiniu 194 4.2
Stan Atuvaha Kalauni 185 4.0
Naea Michael Jackson 184 4.0
Robert Matua Rex 145 3.1
Harkai Pihigia 140 3.0
Eneletama Kaiuha 116 2.5
Taso Tukuniu 114 2.5
Togiavalu Pihigia 91 2.0
Turnout 4605

Niuean general election, 2008: Alofi North (1 member)
Candidate Votes % ±
Va'aiga Tukuitonga Unopposed

Niuean general election, 2008: Alofi South (1 member)
Candidate Votes % ±
Dalton Tagelagi 60 34.3
Fakahoa Organ Viliko 48 27.4
Charlie Fuku Tongahai 41 23.4
Puleikitama Tasmania 26 14.9
Turnout 175

Niuean general election, 2008: Avatele (1 member)
Candidate Votes % ±
Billy Graham Talagi Unopposed

Niuean general election, 2008: Hakupu (1 member)
Candidate Votes % ±
Young Vivian Unopposed

Niuean general election, 2008: Hikutavake (1 member)
Candidate Votes % ±
Opili Talafasi 15 51.7
Pamela Anne Tokiakona 14 48.3
Turnout 29

Niuean general election, 2008: Lakepa (1 member)
Candidate Votes % ±
Halene Magatogia Unopposed

Niuean general election, 2008: Liku (1 member)
Candidate Votes % ±
Pokotoa Sipeli Unopposed

Niuean general election, 2008: Makefu (1 member)
Candidate Votes % ±
Tofua Puletama 24 60.0
Vivaliatama Elesoni Talagi 16 40.0
Turnout 40

Niuean general election, 2008: Mutalau (1 member)
Candidate Votes % ±
Bill Vakaafi Motufoou Unopposed

Niuean general election, 2008: Namukulu (1 member)
Candidate Votes % ±
Jack Willie Lipitoa Unopposed

Niuean general election, 2008: Tamakautiga (1 member)
Candidate Votes % ±
Peter Funaki 52 63.4
Muiakituki Makani 30 36.6
Turnout 82

Niuean general election, 2008: Toi (1 member)
Candidate Votes % ±
Dion Taufitu 10 62.5
Mokaelalini Vaha 6 37.5
Turnout 16

Niuean general election, 2008: Tuapa (1 member)
Candidate Votes % ±
Fisa Pihigia Unopposed

Niuean general election, 2008: Vaiea (1 member)
Candidate Votes % ±
Talaititama Talaiti Unopposed


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