Nong Khaem District

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Nong Khaem
Khet location in Bangkok
Khet location in Bangkok
Coordinates: 13°42′17″N 100°20′56″E / 13.70472°N 100.34889°E / 13.70472; 100.34889Coordinates: 13°42′17″N 100°20′56″E / 13.70472°N 100.34889°E / 13.70472; 100.34889
Country  Thailand
Province Bangkok
Seat Nong Khang Phlu
Khwaeng 2
 • Total 35.825 km2 (13.832 sq mi)
Population (2016)
 • Total 155,229
 • Density 4,332.98/km2 (11,222.4/sq mi)
Time zone THA (UTC+7)
Postal code 10160
Geocode 1023

Nong Khaem (Thai: หนองแขม; IPA: [nɔ̌ːŋ kʰɛ̌ːm]) is one of the 50 districts (Khet) of Bangkok, Thailand. The district is bounded by other Bangkok districts (from north clockwise): Thawi Watthana, Bang Khae, Bang Bon of Bangkok, Krathum Baen of Samut Sakhon province, Sam Phran and Phutthamonthon of Nakhon Pathom province.


The name of the district came from Nong which means wetland and Khaem which means reed (Phragmites karka), a kind of plant, reflecting its environment in the past. It was set up as Amphoe Nong Khaem in 1902. In 1938 it become a king amphoe of Amphoe Phasi Charoen for about 20 years before it was elevated to amphoe status again. It became a khet in 1972 after Bangkok administration reform. In 1998, the eastern part of Nong Khaem (Lak Song sub-district) was made part of the newly established district of Khet Bang Khae.


The district is sub-divided into two sub-districts (Khwaeng).

1. Nong Khaem หนองแขม
2. Nong Khang Phlu  หนองค้างพลู


In 1973 Thai President Foods started production of their instant food in a factory in Nong Khang Phlu, most notably the instant noodle soup of the MAMA brand. In 1986 the factory was moved to Si Racha, as the old one became too small.

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