North America Caribbean Rugby Association

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North American and Caribbean Rugby Association
Formation March 2001
Type Sports federation
Headquarters Tortola, British Virgin Islands
15 members
4 affiliates
United States Bob Latham

The North America Caribbean Rugby Association, or NACRA, is the governing body for rugby union in North America and the Caribbean. NACRA's predecessor organisation up until 2001 was the North America and West Indies Rugby Association (NAWIRA).

NACRA operates under the authority of World Rugby, and is one of six regional unions represented within it. World Rugby's 28 member executive council includes one seat for a NACRA representative and one seat for Canada. By contrast to NACRA's 2 votes on the World Rugby executive council, European countries have 12-13 votes.

The main objective of NACRA is the promotion and development of rugby in North America and the Caribbean. The association unveiled a four-year plan during the 2011 Annual General Meeting to grow rugby within its membership unions through promotion, media output and competition.[1]


NACRA oversees regional competitions, such as regional qualifiers for Pan Am Games and Rugby World Cups including:


NACRA is governed by a board of five executives. The USA, Canada and Mexico are fixed representatives, while the Caribbean countries elect two nations for delegation.[1]

  • President: Dennis Dwyer (Cat C Representative – Bermuda)
  • Vice President: Rick Bourne (Rugby Canada)
  • Secretary: George Nicholson (Cat C Representative – Barbados)
  • Treasurer: Miguel Carner (Cat D Representative – Mexico)
  • IRB Representative: Bob Latham (USA Rugby)


As of 2010 the NACRA countries account for 128,828 rugby players,[2] with the largest number of players from:

  1. United States (88,151)
  2. Canada (23,853)
  3. Trinidad and Tobago (5,060)
  4. Mexico (3,454)

NACRA has 15 member unions and four affiliate unions,[3] not all which are members of World Rugby (WR).[4] NACRA's members are listed below with the year each union joined World Rugby shown in brackets where applicable. World Rugby associates are shown in italics.

Member unions[edit]

There are 11 World Rugby members, and 2 World Rugby associates:

There are 2 members of NACRA which have no affiliation with World Rugby:

Affiliate unions[edit]

There are also 4 unions as of 2013,[3] that are NACRA affiliates:


  1. ^ a b The governing body for both Guadeloupe and Martinique is the French Rugby Federation. It is affiliated with World Rugby and has territorial committees for France's overseas departments and territories.[5]

 * Denotes World Rugby associate membership date.

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