North Tyrol Limestone Alps

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North Tyrol Limestone Alps
Nordtiroler Kalkalpen
Parseierspitze (3,036 m)
Highest point
Peak Parseierspitze
Elevation 3,036 m (9,961 ft)
Coordinates 47°10′28″N 10°28′42″E / 47.17444°N 10.47833°E / 47.17444; 10.47833Coordinates: 47°10′28″N 10°28′42″E / 47.17444°N 10.47833°E / 47.17444; 10.47833
SOIUSA-Alpi Orientali-sezione21.png
North Tyrol Limestone Alps (section nr.21) within Eaestern Alps
Countries Austria and Germany
States Tyrol, Vorarlberg and Bavaria
Parent range Alps
Borders on
Orogeny Alpine orogeny
Type of rock Sedimentary rocks[1]

The North Tyrol Limestone Alps (Nordtiroler Kalkalpen in German) are a mountain range located in Austria and, marginally, in Germany.


Administratively the range belongs to the Austrian states of Tyrol and Vorarlberg and to the German state of Bavaria.

SOIUSA classification[edit]

According to SOIUSA (International Standardized Mountain Subdivision of the Alps) the mountain range is an Alpine section, classified in the following way:[2]


The range is divided into six Alpine subsections:[2]

Notable summits[edit]

Kaisergebirge, view from south

Some notable summits of the range are:

Name metres feet
Parseierspitze 3,036 9,961
Zugspitze 2,961 9,718
Feuerspitze 2,852 9,357
Birkkarspitze 2,749 9,019
Rote Wand 2,704 8,869
Hochwanner 2,744 9,003
Ellmauer Halt 2,344 7,690


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