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Company typePrivate
IndustrySex toys
Founded2006; 18 years ago (2006)[1]
FounderSuki Dunham
Brian Dunham
Area served

OhMiBod is an American company that manufactures sex toys, based in New Hampshire, United States.


Its name has been used as a collective reference to a range of remote controlled vibrating sex toys.[citation needed] The device originally translated an electronic music output into vibrations,[2] with the volume and beat of the music determining the strength of the vibrations.[3]

Co-creator Suki Vatter previously worked for Apple's product marketing department and the product was first targeted to iPod users.[2] Vatter, who created the product with her husband Brian, said that the vibrator is designed to be "socially acceptable".[3][4] One journalist commented that the packaging looked like "something that might have come straight from the iPod factory".[3]

The website for the product also included the series "ClubVibe" which allows users to anonymously share playlists and experiences.[2]

The product was made compatible with the iPhone in January 2008 and now responds to ringtones and voice calls.[5] In addition to the upgrade, a smaller and cheaper 'nano' versions of the toy was released.[5]

A 2008 review in MacLife pointed out that the vibrator could be heard "distractingly loud" over the iPod's earbuds.[6]

Ohmibod has been used by webcam models, who program it to vibrate to the sound of online tips.[7][8][9]

Body Heat is the name of an iPhone app designed to control an OhMiBod vibrator's vibration speed, intensity, and patterns. OhMiBod team acquired the product after a prototype was presented at the sex technology conference Arse Elektronika in September 2010 in San Francisco.[10] The app's designer Heather Kelley is collaborating with them on creating upgrades of the software.[11][12]

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