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Ojha is a surname for Hindu Sikhwal Brahmins, Shrimali Brahmins, Pushkarna Brahmins, Atri Gotra vishwaBrahmin, Acharya Brahmin, Bhumihar Brahmins, Kanya Kubj Brahmin, Saryuparin Brahmin, Nagar Brahmin, and Bengali Vishwakarma of India and It is said that some Ojhas Migrated from India to Nepal in search of spiritual peace and meditation. Ojhas are considered to be worshipers of Durga, Saraswati, Hanuman, Mahalakshmi and Shiva[citation needed]. The surname is used amongst speakers of , Bhojpuri, Rajasthani, Gujarati, Hindi, Oriya, Kumaoni, Nepali and Bengali Marwari as well as the Santhals[citation needed]. The high population of Ojhas are found in Uttar pradesh and Rajasthan in India within the districts of Gonda, Amethi, Sultanpur, Gorakhpur, Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, Pratapgarh, Ballia, Buxar (Bihar), and Ara.[citation needed]

The term Ojha is derived from Sanskrit. Literal translations vary, but one meaning is "he who is doing meditation for whole life". According to some, the Ojhas were the top class Brahmin preachers who earned their livelihood through teaching. In Rajasthan, some consider Sharma and Ojha to be the same clan. The Jhas are Maithilis originated in Bihar and call their sons-in-laws Ojhajis. This has given credence to this belief.[citation needed]

Ojhas are basically divided into two parts – Karaili Ojha and the Bavan-gaon ke Ojhas (the Ojhas of the 52 villages), as they got 52 villages in charity from one of [Rajasthan]-region rulers for having protected those rulers by fighting themselves[citation needed]. They were also given the title of 'Sharma' for the valour and aggression with which they fought. Mata Kaalratri Mata , Bharmani Mata is the Kuldevi of the Bavan-gaon ke Ojhas. Some Ojhas in Rajasthan have become Bhumihars, and usually use Saraswa or Sharma as their surnames. Some although have not become Bhumihars but still have the title of Singh – to use it or not to use is individual choice.[citation needed]

Ojha from Rajasthan had excellence in Martial Art, Spirituality, Veda and Science. They have many sub-branches under the surname Ojha. A sub- branch is known as Khairi Ojha which played a significant role in Indian history. Kairi Ojha are active in shaping and binding Hindu rituals and knowledge before the Shankaracharya and formation of “ Four Mathh” Sathapna. Khairi Ojha were spiritual leader for uttar Pradesh and Bihar region. They perform as “Rajguru”, “Army Trainer”, “Thinker” and Philosopher. In few parts of India Ojha ware ruling the Riyasats.[citation needed]

Most of the Ojhas are concentrated in the Rajasthan Gujarat (India) and can also be found in many regions of India and all over world.[citation needed]

Some notable Ojha[edit]