Old Catholic Church of the Czech Republic

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Old Catholic Church of the Czech Republic
Classification Catholic
Theology Ultrajectine
Governance Episcopal
Leader Dušan Hejbal
Associations International Old Catholic Bishops' Conference
Region Czech Republic
Headquarters Prague
Branched from Roman Catholic Church
Congregations 16
Members 2,700 (2006)[1]
Ministers 22

The Old Catholic Church of the Czech Republic consists of the Czech parishes in full communion with the Union of Utrecht of the Old Catholic Churches. The church is also a member of the National Ecumenical Council, the World Council of Churches and the Conference of European Churches. The official publication of the community is Communio.

In 1991, Bishop Dušan Hejbal was elected to head the church. He was consecrated on September 27, 1997. In 2003, under his leadership, the church began ordaining women to the diaconate.[2] He retired in 2015 and was succeeded by Benedikt Pavel Stránský in 2016.

Old Catholic Bishops of Czechoslovakia & the Czech Republic[edit]

The following bishops have governed the Old Catholic Church in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic.


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