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Olli Schulz at Open Flair festival in 2015

Oliver Marc "Olli" Schulz (born 15 October 1973 in Hamburg) is a German singer-songwriter, actor and presenter. He became known as a singer and guitarist of the indie rock group Olli Schulz & der Hund Marie and as sidekick for Joko and Klaas in their television programs like Circus HalliGalli.[1] In 2016 his TV show Schulz & Böhmermann started along with fellow presenter Jan Böhmermann, with whom he also presents the weekly podcast show Fest & Flauschig (Firm & Fluffy) on Spotify.[2] He is also active as a solo musician. His current album, Feelings aus der Asche, peaked at #4 at the German album charts.[3]


TV shows[edit]




TV series[edit]


  • 2009: Es brennt so schön (It Burns So Beautiful)
  • 2012: SOS – Save Olli Schulz
  • 2015: Feelings aus der Asche (Feelings from the Ashes)
  • 2018: Scheiß Leben, gut erzählt (Goddamn Life, well told)


  • 2006: … 4b on "1. 2. 3. …" von Bela B.
  • 2009: Mach den Bibo (Do the Bibo)
  • 2009: Geheimdienst (Secret Service)
  • 2009: Ewig Leben (Live Forever)
  • 2012: Spielerfrau (Player's Wife)
  • 2013: Rangel Song (Jockey Song)
  • 2013: Verhaftet wegen sexy (Arrested Because of Sexy) feat. Bernd Begemann
  • 2014: Phase
  • 2015: Boogieman


  • 2012: SOS - Showman Olli Schulz Live
  • 2015: Schulz in the Box - Die komplette Staffel mit Olli Schulz


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