Olympia 67

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Olympia 67
Olympia 67 cover.jpeg
Live album by Dalida
Released 1967
Recorded 1967
Genre World music, Pop music, Rock and roll
Label Barclay Records
Dalida chronology
Pensiamoci Ogni Sera
Olympia 67
Piccolo Ragazzo

This album of Dalida was the first after her suicidal attempt and her 1967's comeback performance at the Olympia. It contains hits like "À qui?", "Je reviens te chercher", "La banda", "Mama", "Ciao amore, ciao" (written by her lover Luigi Tenco), "Les grilles de ma maison" and "Petit homme".

Track listing[edit]

  1. À qui?
  2. Je reviens te chercher
  3. La banda
  4. Loin dans le temps
  5. Toi mon amour
  6. J'ai décidé de vivre
  7. Entrez sans frapper
  8. Mama
  9. Ciao amore, ciao
  10. Les grilles de ma maison
  11. La chanson de Yohann
  12. Petit homme